Qi Refining Stage, he can also take care of the monks in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

This was something Chu Weiyang never had any hope for.
“The poor Taoist only sees how you do things. Whether you are afraid or not is actually insignificant. In my case, there is no difference between good and bad, only the difference between life and death. If I can connect this demon vein to you, then It already means a poor idea, and your fear itself is insignificant!
/Well, by the way, there is one more thing. Originally, the refining of your demonic veins was not something that happened overnight. Didn’t you still have to recuperate your Tao body? I need you to do something else. To the north of the island, follow the instructions in the jade slip. Plan and build a nine-fold, five-color earth altar. It will be completed within two days, as soon as possible! ”
As he spoke, Chu Weiyang took out another blank jade slip, imprinted all the seal patterns on it with a sweep of his mind, and handed it to Pei Wenli together with the jade pot itself.
After listening to Chu Weiyang’s various explanations, Pei Wenli’s expression became solemn as time passed, no obvious emotions were shown on his face anymore, and he accepted these words respectfully.
“Servant, obey!”
“Just do something.”
At the same time, in the outer sea, to the north of the Hundred Snake Islands, what was once an unknown desert island is now the majestic Fire Scale Island.
Looking around, the island is wide, and the rolling hills can almost be seen on it.
At this time, among the mountains and fields, more than a thousand people were building construction projects on the island. When you looked carefully, they were not like those Chu Weiyang had done on Lingfu Island. These more than a thousand people were almost like miners, digging. Standing against the mountain rocks, there are pale ores with aura of light exposed in the sunlight from time to time.
And in the middle of the island, a solitary peak pierces the sky like a sharp sword from the rolling mountains. On the top of the mountain, there is a Taoist palace.
At this time, the palace door was closed tightly, but it did not look dark inside. The incense candles lingering on the four walls illuminated the huge Taoist temple brightly. In the center of the Taoist temple, a piece of red warm jade carved On the futon, a burly man with his arms open and his Taoist robes hanging on both sides looked increasingly wanton and unruly.
At this moment, the strong man held up an octagonal square mirror with one hand. When he looked carefully, the mirror surface was not smooth, but looked very rough. Not to mention the strong man’s face, even the hazy body The shape and outline cannot be reflected.
But when I looked carefully, there was a faint spiritual light inside, as if it was reflected from a very far away place.
/Finally, as time passed slowly, the spiritual light in the octagonal mirror stopped changing at a certain moment. When I looked again, the intertwined spiritual lights seemed to have condensed int