that it is not an illusion or an illusion caused by the steam evaporating from the sides.

That was the manifestation of Uncle Shang’s fortune-telling power, a great monk in the realm of golden elixir.
/Or according to the condensation of the “mist and smoke” at this moment, Shang Bohun seemed to have just begun to activate the power of heaven and fortune in this world, condensing it towards his body shape, bit by bit from scratch. Transformed into a spirit cloud of luck.
And just when he saw such a changing moment, Chu Weiyang tilted his head without any trace, and in a slightly pondering way, his vision suddenly swept away from the elder sect, the headmaster of the Huanghua sect, and the old Taoist Fu Mei. Pass.
For those of them who are proficient in divination and easy calculation, the things that Chu Weiyang can sense with his divine intelligence may not be so intuitive, but they must be sensed.
It seemed that it was the moment Uncle Shang walked down from the hanging wall that he began to gather his luck bit by bit.
After passing the figures of Zhu Xiu, Chu Weiyang looked into the depths of the water vapor rain curtain, and suddenly anchored the figure of the young scholar.
/When he looked again, three feet above the young scholar’s head, the luck spirit cloud appeared much more solid than that of Uncle Shang, but it was also far thinner than that of ordinary monks in the foundation-building realm. According to its growth over time, Minus the changes, it can be deduced that it is probably after he changed his path and changed his method to enter the realm of opening the sky method that the spiritual cloud of luck began to condense.
What does this silent change mean?
There are few monks in the world who have worked deeply in the field of pure fortune. Even the most mysterious and unpredictable Yunfu Palace only relies on the power of heavenly fortune and fortune through the method of magic deduction.
Therefore, there is no text left in the ancient classics for Chu Weiyang to refer to and learn from.
What Chu Weiyang could guess and speculate on were only the details he knew.
For young scholars, changing their paths and changing their laws is a key node. What is the key point? Generally speaking, the key point is that since then, the young scholar has stopped in the field of Kaitian Dharma, which is the inheritance of the human world. In the endless river of time, it has been related to the cause and effect, luck, and destiny in the world. The secrets blend together.
The realm of the Three Yuan Realm.
The scene in the Linlang Dharma Cave in the past was clearly reflected in Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas at this moment.
This is the name of this world.
Perhaps this means that from that moment on, the young scholar, as a living being, integrated into the realm of the Three Yuan Realm with the help of the same Taoism.
And what about Uncle Shang?
Why did his move of jumping out of the eternal wall become a key node similar to a young scholar changing his path and changing his laws?
Soon, Chu Weiyan