ons have passed, the descendants whose bloodlines are so far apart, even their brothers and fathers, will be killed for you!

In the past dynasties, there were so many brothers fighting against each other, and father and son killing each other. You killed all your brothers and their whole family, and I slaughtered the whole family with the same surname. It can be said that each has been leading the way for hundreds of years.
If that day comes, this kind of thing is inevitable.
Of course, if there is strong suppression, the chance of this kind of thing happening will be reduced a lot.
Therefore, before this, the Chinese Council had inquired about Wei Xiaobei’s whereabouts from Weijiadao several times through Zhu Xinyi.
This is also a helpless thing for the Chinese Parliament.
To say that a being like Wei Xiaobei, whose strength is unfathomable and who is as powerful as a humanoid nuclear bomb, in the eyes of the secular regime, is an uncontrollable and troublesome aggregation.
Just think about it and you will know that if someone doesn’t have eyes and provokes Wei Xiaobei, something big might happen.
/This will definitely undermine the stability of social order.
Wei Xiaobei was also relatively low-key at the beginning of his career. He always presented himself as a master of martial arts and a master. Therefore, even if he was a little stronger, the Chinese Council did not take him too seriously.
It’s like comparing a student with excellent academic performance and a poor student with poor grades who always makes trouble when there is nothing wrong. As a class teacher, who should you be more careful about causing trouble for yourself?
But by the time the Chinese Council discovered that Wei Xiaobei was not a good person, they were already in trouble.
In addition, the Chinese Council also needed Wei Xiaobei’s support in many aspects, so the relationship between the two parties immediately entered the love stage.
But now, the Chinese Parliament was looking for a strong man across the country who could suppress the ancient army. Almost all the members chose Wei Xiaobei without any hesitation.
Of course, this is not just based on Wei Xiaobei’s own strength.
After all, those congressmen’s judgment of strength was not accurate. In their opinion, no matter how powerful Wei Xiaobei’s strength was, it had its limits, but when coupled with the overall strength of Wei Family Island, it could not be underestimated.
Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei nodded. In fact, he had expected the situation like Qin Emperor and Han Wu.
However, Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised that the council’s think tank could also think of this.
The wisdom of everyone seems to be no less than his own six brains and powerful intelligence.
This is the real version of the Three Stooges surpassing Zhuge Liang.
However, Wei Xiaobei has no intention of agreeing to this kind of thing for the time being.
After all, he is suspected of being a thug.
Besides, existences like Emperor Qin and Emperor Wu of Han may not appear in reality for a while.
Even i