btedly, if the Qilin is dragged to the ground, the giant turtle will be able to launch a series of attacks on the Qilin relying on its extremely strong defense.

But the unicorn seemed to know the rhythm of the giant turtle and what would happen to it once it was dragged to the ground, so it let out a high-pitched cry afterwards.
As the high-pitched cry rang out, a circle of colorful brilliance suddenly appeared on Qilin’s body.
The suction power of the giant turtle suddenly lost its effect. Qilin turned around and descended. The auspicious clouds under its hooves had turned into blazing flames.
In the blink of an eye, Qilin’s two front hooves hit the giant turtle’s back hard, and then pulled away and flew up, not giving the giant turtle a chance to turn around.
The loud noise caused a nearby hill to collapse.
The giant turtle let out a painful howl, and a pair of hoof-shaped pits several meters deep suddenly appeared on its extremely hard back shell. The entire back shell was shaking violently under the Kirin’s blow. among.
As for the huge pit under the giant turtle, it collapsed downwards for a while, so that most of the giant turtle’s body was almost submerged in the soil.
And around the giant pit are countless deep and huge cracks spreading out in all directions, with lengths exceeding several kilometers.
The most terrible thing is that surging magma even flows out of these huge cracks. Wherever the magma passes, jungle fires suddenly rise and sweep towards the surrounding areas.
/What a swift attack!
Wei Xiaobei was a little dumbfounded at this time.
The battle between these ancient giant beasts can be said to be extremely fierce. Compared with the battle between himself and the Yamata no Orochi every second, it is far worse.
Regardless of the size and length of the Yamata-no-Orochi, it seems to be almost the same as the giant turtle and Kirin, but if it encounters these two beings, the Yamata-no-Orochi will probably become the food of the giant turtle in a short time, or be eaten by it. Qilin trampled him to death!
This fierce battle actually didn’t last long.
/As the unicorn repeatedly left hoof prints on the back of the giant turtle, the giant turtle could no longer hold on. Finally, after a burst of ice and snow erupted, failing to hit the unicorn, the giant turtle began to run away desperately, never to be seen again. Dare to look back.
But having said that, the unicorn did not continue to chase the giant turtle. When the giant turtle left, he hissed proudly, and the colorful halo around him suddenly shot out, and in an instant, the previous fierce battle was spread within the area. The whole land is covered.
Under Wei Xiaobei’s gaze, the land was devastated by the aftermath of the battle between the two sides. Mountains collapsed everywhere, magma flowed across the ground, countless jungles were destroyed, forest fires were everywhere, and countless beasts fled for their lives.
But at this time, as the colorful halo spread to the ground, the magma flowing everywhere suddenly solidifie