since it left Lunquan City!

Li Lanxing, Zhang Tiantian and others, who had been notified by Wei Xiaobei before, were already ready to receive them.
Groups of ordinary people and even islanders from Weijia Island were already waiting at the dock when the fleet arrived.
The tanker docked at the dock, and after the passengers disembarked, they were immediately led to the relevant settlements.
Most of the original islanders of Weijia Island have moved to Qingmu Blessed Land, so the vacant houses on Weijia Island are now more than enough to accommodate these guests from afar.
These guests from afar will not directly enter the Aoki Blessed Land. They will settle on Weijia Island for more than a year, and most of them will be engaged in various aspects of scientific research.
Only those who perform well and have a relatively clean foundation can enter the Aoki Blessed Land.
Although Wei Xiaobei had absolute control over the Aoki Paradise, and even the spatial passage in and out of the Aoki Paradise had to be opened by Wei Xiaobei, Wei Xiaobei was still unwilling to let those spies enter the Aoki Paradise.
Among the people in the fleet were Li Lanxing, Zhang Tiantian and others who went to make arrangements. After Wei Xiaobei got off the ship, he immediately entered the Aoki Blessed Land.
To say that Wei Xiaobei gained quite a lot from his trip to the UK.
/First, the giant dragon clan was packaged and sent to the Aoki Paradise, creating an additional powerful race in the Aoki Paradise. As time goes by, these giant dragons will also be branded with the space of the Aoki Paradise because they have been in the Aoki Paradise for a long time. Subtly become the natives of the Aoki Blessed Land. At that time, the growth rate of the Aoki Blessed Land will also increase accordingly.
The second is the scientific and technological data, scientific and technological talents, etc. collected from the UK. Although these things cannot produce immediate benefits, with the continuous efforts of scientific researchers, they can transform those scientific and technological data into technologies that can be applied in Aoki Paradise. , if this can be realized, its role in promoting the growth of Qingmu Paradise cannot be replaced by a few corpses of gods.
In addition to these, Wei Xiaobei used his free time to save many undead souls in the UK, which really added a layer of golden merit.
/You know, the number of people who died in the King Arthur Incident in the UK exceeded 20 million. Wei Xiaobei just walked around a few big cities, and the number of undead he saved exceeded the number of people who died in the iron war. When surrounding the mountain.
Another advantage is that the magic mastered by Master Merlin and the fighting spirit mastered by the Knights of the Round Table. If Wei Xiaobei can thoroughly study these two power systems and construct their corresponding rules in the Aoki Paradise, then Aoki The rule system of Blessed Land will also be enriched and improved.
Of course, these benefits take time to be slowly absorbed