those powerful ghosts can allow Wei Xiaobei to activate his temptation.

The ability released by this King Arthur was directly immune to Wei Xiaobei’s willpower.
Wei Xiaobei shot King Arthur back again.
He wanted to kill King Arthur with one shot, but Wei Xiaobei knew that it was impossible for a guy with the blessing of fate like King Arthur to kill him with one shot.
Maybe after one shot, the opponent will activate some ability and show off his power, which will actually make him come back.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needs to be cautious and weaken King Arthur’s will bit by bit!
Yes, this is the main problem.
For a being like King Arthur, just consuming his power is not enough. Who knows if the fairy in the lake will directly instill some power into him.
But if King Arthur’s will is completely eliminated, no matter how powerful he is, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes he will be like a coward.
Therefore, in the following battle, every time King Arthur rushed up, he would be pulled back with an almost insulting shot from Wei Xiaobei, like a bowling ball hitting the ground directly.
To be honest, many of the Knights of the Round Table were devastated.
No way, when King Arthur was smashed down, he couldn’t control his body. Therefore, Wei Xiaobei failed to kill him several times in a row, but the Knights of the Round Table under his command suffered many more casualties.
So when King Arthur fell from behind, the Knights of the Round Table quietly hid as far away as possible, unwilling to step forward to rescue him again.
As for King Arthur, he was not aware of the change in mentality of his subordinates at all. He was completely angered by this almost insulting fighting method. He was like a naughty child who desperately wanted to take advantage of his opponent, but because of the gap in strength, And it can never be achieved.
“I am going to kill you!”
“I XXXX you!”
Such words, which the Knights of the Round Table considered uncultivated, had appeared many times from King Arthur’s mouth.
/This is also helpless. King Arthur is now completely in a state of rage and even some irrationality.
Of course, this is mainly due to Wei Xiaobei’s moves being too cheap.
After discovering that King Arthur’s vitality was so strong that even if a shot penetrated the opponent’s body, the opponent could recover in a short time, Wei Xiaobei’s subsequent battle was almost insulting.
In just a few minutes, King Arthur’s armor was shattered into pieces by Wei Xiaobei’s big gun, and his linen underwear turned into ragged strips similar to beggar’s clothes, and even the thing underneath him Dongdu was exposed.
Undoubtedly, for a being like King Arthur, who has a noble status and always thinks highly of himself, such an image is completely unacceptable to him.
As a result, he almost went crazy.
The battle gradually became intense. Well, King Arthur was unilaterally intense.
For Wei Xiaobei, this wasn’t even a warm-up.
The strength gap between the two sides was so big that Wei Xiaobei could play the other side like a monkey.
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