age to escape.

But what they never expected was that as soon as they sneaked out from the group of important monsters and within a few kilometers of escaping, an uncontrollable fear of danger emerged in their hearts!
This is?
When they turned their heads to look at the direction of the danger, they saw only boundless light and heat coming toward their faces!
After letting out a sharp scream, these monsters and monsters fell into the light and heat one by one, without any exception!
Seeing that more than three hundred demons and monsters who were not weak in strength were reduced to ashes in the heat of light within a few breaths, making the remaining demons and ghosts feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave, with chills all over their bodies.
They didn’t even dare to look directly at Wei Xiaobei on the top of the mountain with fearful eyes, for fear of bringing disaster to themselves.
/At this time, those big demons have almost given up the idea of ????resurrecting in the future.
Are you kidding me? Although those three hundred monsters and monsters were just running for their lives, even if I tried my best, I could only kill five or six of them at most.
And now, this human being can kill all these more than three hundred demons and ghosts in just a few breaths of time!
This power alone is more than I know how much.
It’s so terrifying. Can humans reach this level? Isn’t this an immortal?
On a certain mountain outside Yandang Mountain, Zhu Xinyi and other disciples were waiting anxiously.
In fact, the total time Wei Xiaobei spent entering was less than an hour, but in the minds of Zhu Xinyi and others, it felt like several days had passed.
“Will something happen to Master?”
Cheng Dalong touched the back of his head and said carelessly.
“Nonsense! How could something happen to Master? Just tell me, Senior Sister.”
What is surprising is that it was not Zhu Xinyi who spoke out against Cheng Dalong, but Yang Tingting.
At this time, Yang Tingting was a little excited, and a water dragon formed above her head. Cheng Dalong was likely to bite it in one bite if he did not admit his mistake.
Undoubtedly, on this point, both Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun are on Yang Tingting’s side.
Seeing Yang Tingting’s excitement and Zhu Xinyi’s slanted eyes, Cheng Dalong immediately surrendered: “I was wrong, I was wrong. I just care about Master, nothing else.”
Are you kidding me, Yang Tingting can say that if the senior sister gets angry, Cheng Dalong is really worried about being beaten up.
No way, the current senior sister is too strong. Even if she doesn’t summon those monsters, Zhu Xinyi can easily defeat seven or eight Cheng Dalong in close combat.
/“Okay, wait a moment, and I’ll go in and see for myself.”
Zhu Xinyi seemed to be in a bad mood at this time. She waved her hand, but her eyes were still staring at Yandang Mountain.
“Senior sister, I’ll go in later.”
Huang Kun spoke at this time. To be honest, if the senior sister hadn’t stopped him, he would have fought in when he arrived at Yandang Mountain.