Because the current interstellar federation has experienced so many years of development, some minor languages ??have long become a thing of the past. The unified language of the interstellar federation is the federal language.

Seeing the ‘divine language (99% proficient)’ knowledge light ball made him think that there is a great connection between the mysterious organization and the divine world.
If it weren’t for the inappropriate time, he would have wanted to directly integrate this ‘divine language (99% proficient)’ knowledge light ball.
He asked Shadow Warrior to display his current attribute panel.
/Name: David Kerr
Strength: 3.63 (1)
Agility: 2.42 (1)
Physique: 3.63 (1)
Spirit: 5.05 (1)
Literature (2% proficient), Mathematics (5% proficient), Comprehensive (4% proficient), Advanced Physical Arts (66% proficient), Electronic Countermeasures (98% proficient), Warhammer Mastery (85% proficient), Sniping (32% Proficiency), Shield Mastery (89% Proficiency), Heavy Ax Mastery (98% Proficiency), Longsword Mastery (80% Proficiency), Spear Mastery (1% Proficiency), Spirit Pierce (10% Proficiency), Spirit Sleep ( 99% proficient), contortion (65% proficient), spaceship driving (10% proficient), unarmed combat (23% proficient), stealing (51% proficient), power shock (talent)
Most of David’s abilities have now been upgraded to the mastery level. Whether it is general knowledge-based abilities or combat-type abilities, he is an elite in his respective fields.
Especially the recent study and study of Hans’s sniping experience has improved his sniping ability by 12% proficiency, reaching 32% proficiency level, and this is not over yet, he has only learned a very small part of those combat experiences.
I believe that after learning Hans’s sniping experience, his sniping ability will be able to achieve a major breakthrough.
The entire street in front of the Summit Hotel was blocked off at night, and only guests holding invitations could enter the street.
Furness wore a very formal dress this time and was not in a good mood. He forced a smile and stood in front of the gate of the Summit Hotel to welcome the guests.
Of course, the main ones responsible for guiding guests are the waiters here. Since the Summit Hotel has completely stopped operating, there are enough waiters to participate in the service.
Galen’s extraordinary status is extremely respected in Na’an City and even in the entire Rock Star. Naturally, the people at the top of Na’an City who he extended the invitation were also invited.
Since 5:30, guests have been arriving one after another. All kinds of floating cars with astonishing costs seem extremely ordinary in front of the Summit Hotel.
Galen Chaofan attaches great importance to David, and this is also an opportunity to introduce David to the powerful people of Rock Star, so Galen Chaofan’s apprenticeship ceremony is very grand this time.
/“Welcome! Welcome!” Furness felt his face hurt from laughing.
He also knew that he was the weakest. His second sister, Helena, was in the hall right now. She