o say, but her eyes were a little shocked, and then she changed the subject: “This is not a place where you outsiders can go. Next time you come to help me grill fish, you only need to bring the stone sign to enter.” , I will know.”

At this point, the little girl suddenly laughed: “By the way, if you want to find someone, you can look for the land in this area.”
Before the words were completely finished, and before Wei Xiaobei could comprehend the meaning, his eyes blurred, and then he was horrified to find that he had returned to the place where he stepped into the green grass.
In other words, he was sent out in an instant without being able to even react at all.
Such power is really terrifying.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but become somewhat interested in the little girl, but when Wei Xiaobei wanted to move forward again, he found that he bumped into a transparent wall and was almost ejected.
This place is no longer the same as before.
Wei Xiaobei reached out and touched the transparent wall, or rather a barrier, that isolated him from the outside. In short, it was absolutely impossible for him to get close to Baita Mountain again.
Looking for land in this area?
Wei Xiaobei thought about the words the little girl left before.
To be honest, since entering the gray world of Baita County, Wei Xiaobei felt that many things were different from Cuihu City.
The city god’s soldiers and horses patrol the city, and they patrol the city. Now they hear about the land from the mouth of the little girl.
Is this the legendary underworld? Or fairyland? Or what?
But even in the underworld, many things in it cannot be explained clearly.
Wei Xiaobei could only leave one thought in his mind, turned around and left the green grass, his nose constantly twitching, trying to find traces of Zhu Yiduo.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei discovered that he had pursued the wrong direction after entering the green grassland. Zhu Yiduo did not advance towards Baita Mountain. After entering the grassland, he created some doubts and retreated.
I am also a little careless. If I were not obsessed with the surrounding scenery, I might not be so easily confused by the mystery laid out by Zhu Yiduo.
After finding the direction in which Zhu Yiduo actually escaped, Wei Xiaobei sped up and chased him all the way.
While following Zhu Yiduo’s trace, Wei Xiaobei did not forget the stone tablet given to him by the little girl.
The texture of this stone tablet was very good, like jade and stone, and it was extremely warm to the touch. Wei Xiaobei would never have believed it if he had not witnessed the little girl grabbing a ball of mud and turning it into a stone tablet.
After hesitating for a moment and seeing that he was already a thousand meters away from the green grassland, Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth and threw the attribute detection onto the stone tablet.
Even if he offended the little girl, Wei Xiaobei would not hesitate to do so.
/One, it is impossible to just throw away the stone tablet.
Second, it is impossible to keep this stone tab