itcases, and there were two similar books in the father’s suitcase.

Opening one of the books, although he didn’t recognize any of the words on it, Hull had already learned from Hobbes that these books should be read from back to front, even the lines in them. The text is also arranged from right to left.
Just after turning two pages, I saw an extremely crude picture. The picture on it was of a man. His upper body was naked and his lower body was wearing a pair of trousers. He was posing in a very strange posture. There were also paintings on this man’s body. Two strange lines, covered with small dots, and there are notes next to these small dots.
Starting from this page, there are all paintings on the back, all of which are of this strange man. The only difference is the posture of this man, and the position and direction of the lines on his body.
/Scroll further back, and there are a few more things besides people in the painting. First there is a sword, and then there is a knife of a style I have never seen before. These figures with weapons are smaller than the naked figures in the front. Some of the arms, legs, and weapons are all painted with lines and arrows.
Hull vaguely guessed that this might be some kind of cold weapon fighting technique.
Hull soon discovered that these fighting techniques were the only content he could understand. He could not understand the following paintings. The people in the paintings were stepping on pillars, which were arranged in dense concentric circles. shape. There are pairs of footprints drawn on the pages next to them, and these footprints are also connected with curves and arrows.
/In the next picture, the man is stepping on the edge of the round-bottomed basket, and in the next picture, he is running on the vertical wall. If there is not a ladder painted next to the wall, a moon is painted on the top of the wall. , Hull almost thought that this painting should be viewed after turning ninety degrees.
All this made Hull feel a little baffled. He put down this book and opened another one. The cover of this book is pitch black. In addition to a line of unknown text, there is also a ferocious face painted on the left corner.
Opening the book, the content inside is not much different from the previous one, but there are more people in many paintings, and there is an extra woman in the front part.
If it weren’t for those lines filled with black dots and annotations, he would have definitely regarded these paintings as crude erotic pictures full of bad taste. It was clear at a glance that they were two people fighting each other in the back.
After just flipping through a few pages, Hull began to feel frightened. He had never thought that such a terrifying and weird killing technique existed.
Suddenly, Hull found that he had unknowingly followed the movements drawn on those pictures, and his hands were making quick gestures unknowingly, as if he had already mastered all this.
Not only that, he also felt a heat flowing through his body.
The heat originated in his bladder,