But after this experience, I can only transform into a real dragon with my current magic power. If I had made progress in cultivation, I would still be practicing The original snake dragon method, so if you want to get the true dragon’s magic power to be perfect and pure, you still need to ask your senior brother again.

The door to change has been opened, but senior brother is the one holding the key.
What he is holding is the only key that has become the only one due to the weaving of Tao and Dharma.
/How far you can go on this path of cultivation in the future depends not only on my talents and talents, but also on you, senior brother.
If I turn my back on my senior brother, don’t let this happen again. If other people’s energy and energy enter into my true dragon magic power, it will be the time when the Tao and Dharma backfire, my foundation will be destroyed, and my body will perish and the Tao will disappear.
/I practice the Furnace Dharma, which is an invisible and formless restriction and spell that controls my life. ”
When these words fell, Chu Weiyang stood on the spot, still silent and motionless, but Qi Feiqiong could really feel that the chill that contained the murderous intention had begun to fade away little by little at the edge of the sword. .
What he just said was to teach Chu Weiyang to see what he wanted. Next, he should strike while the iron is hot and make clear his interests.
Perhaps due to the transformation of his true dragon magic power, Qi Feiqiong’s thoughts and ideas were faster than ever before. He quickly grasped the context of Chu Weiyang’s murderous thoughts and saw the pass and gist from the complicated details. .
So, after leaving only a short time for Chu Weiyang to think about it, Qi Feiqiong’s increasingly lazy voice continued to sound.
“Right now, I’m just a piece of meat on the chopping board. If my senior brother wants to kill me, it’s just a matter of using his hands. But after all, I am the direct disciple of the Huanghua Sect. I am here to cause trouble for my senior brother under the orders of my sect. Yes, this is not the cause and effect of this disaster that can cover up the past.
When the time comes, a Taoist master from the Yuan Sect will die in your hands, which will cause many twists and turns in the turmoil, and it will also be a troublesome thing for Senior Brother Yu.
And as long as I live, I have only severed my ties with Zhang Du. I am still the direct disciple of the Huanghua Sect, the direct disciple who controls the power of the True Dragon!
As long as we don’t leak the sect’s secrets and don’t betray our master, it’s just a matter of a few words from the elders. Perhaps my senior brother’s achievements will become higher and higher in the future, and I will also be able to rise to prominence in the master’s sect.
Of course, maybe Zhang will come to trouble his senior brother for this matter, but I think that with his arrogance, it is more than enough to protect my concubine in front of Zhang Du? ”
Saying this, Qi Feiqiong had already sensed a