in Aoki Paradise was a long and narrow strip along the edge of the land, covering an area of ??only a few thousand square kilometers. It was just a small trench at best.

But now, the ocean of more than 70,000 square kilometers gives those giant dragons and dragons a lot more living space.
This also further improved the rules of the Aoki Paradise. The rain clouds that appeared on the land were no longer just a few fixed ones. Most of them were re-condensed by the evaporated steam from the ocean.
Just a little bit different!
After Wei Xiaobei left Qingmu Paradise, his heart was pounding and his mind could hardly calm down.
After the Qingmu Paradise continued to grow, Wei Xiaobei had a hunch that he was only a piece of paper away from the five-star level, and there was a possibility of a breakthrough at any time.
This made Wei Xiaobei even more greedy for the Xiaolong Palaces scattered throughout the East China Sea in the Gray Realm.
In this way, on the route to the East China Sea Dragon Palace, Wei Xiaobei turned a corner and drove the sea snake spirit towards another small dragon palace.
/The Sea Snake Spirit didn’t know much about this Little Dragon Palace, after all, it was not on the only way to the East China Sea Dragon Palace.
But after Wei Xiaobei inquired about Ao Jiao, he got some understanding of the Little Dragon Palace.
This Little Dragon Palace is actually the palace of the eldest son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what his strength was, but the eldest prince of the East China Sea was not in the Xiaolong Palace at this time. As the eldest son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, he spent most of his time living in the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea to accompany the Dragon King.
But this way, it would be much more convenient for Wei Xiaobei.
The nine-headed, three-legged golden crow rushed into the Xiaolong Palace with lightning speed. At the same time, a large number of cultivated creatures and metal clones firmly held back the naval forces.
Compared to mythical beasts such as phoenixes, it is quite difficult to study the genes of true dragons.
But Wei Xiaobei took a shortcut.
/By studying the genes of hybrid dragons and drawing parallels, once all the genes of hybrid dragons are thoroughly studied, it will become much easier to study the bloodline of true dragons.
To this day, although the dragon beast trained by Wei Xiaobei cannot activate the blood of a true dragon, it possesses some of the abilities of a dragon!
They are all standard ten meters in size and resemble the shape of a dragon, but they have four large, flexible and powerful pincers.
Their high mobility in seawater makes them a group of marine killers.
Although the biological level of these dragon beasts was only two-star terror, due to their low price, Wei Xiaobei was able to cultivate a large number of them in a short period of time, and they became the cannon fodder unit that Wei Xiaobei focused on cultivating in the ocean.
When hundreds of thousands of dragon beasts and meta