They are naked to the upper body and holding spears. At first glance, an aura of iron and blood rushes towards them.

The moment Wei Xiaobei stepped into the ancestral temple, he felt as if he had stepped into another world.
It is full of joy and peace, making people want to immerse themselves in it.
However, Wei Xiaobei dispelled this desire in an instant.
There is no doubt that this desire is caused by the influence of the surrounding environment. Any intelligent creature will have this desire when it steps here.
The interior of the extremely spacious ancestral temple is supported by huge stone pillars. The stone pillars are engraved with various stone paintings, and the stone slabs on the ground are also engraved with mysterious patterns.
Rows of statues of gods enshrined by the Alazisai people stood on both sides of the ancestral temple hall, but Wei Xiaobei’s attention was not focused on the statues on either side at this time, but on the end of the hall.
An old man in white robes was sitting on the throne at the end of the hall. He did not have any accessories on his body and looked extremely simple, but it gave Wei Xiaobei a familiar feeling.
“You’re here, please sit down.”
When the old man in white robe saw Wei Xiaobei’s appearance, a smile appeared on his face. He waved his right hand lightly, and a throne appeared in the corresponding position.
Wei Xiaobei was not polite. He stepped forward and sat down. Then his eyes fell on the old man in white robe: “Are you Quetzalcoatl?”
There is no doubt that although Wei Xiaobei used a question sentence, he was 99% sure that the old man in white robe was the Quetzalcoatl from before.
“Yes, I can be said to be Quetzalcoatl, or a clone. I can make any commitment on behalf of Quetzalcoatl.”
Wei Xiaobei was slightly startled by the words of the old man in white robe. According to the words of the old man in white robe, the other party seemed to have the idea of ??forming an alliance or making a deal.
“Thank you for the gift. I wonder why you invited me here?”
Wei Xiaobei is short-tongued and soft-handed. Wei Xiaobei has just accepted the golden crow bloodline donated by the other party, so his tone of voice seems a bit cordial. Besides, the other party has called himself a great existence before, so he is undoubtedly putting both sides on the same page. In an equal position, compared to the arrogance of gods such as Amaterasu, Wei Xiaobei felt much more comfortable.
“It makes you laugh when I say it. Do you know the current situation of Alazisai people?”
The old man in white robe hesitated for a moment and then asked Wei Xiaobei.
Alazisay people?
Wei Xiaobei then turned around in his mind. To be honest, he really didn’t know much about the current situation of the Alazisai people. All he knew about the Alazisai people were records in world history textbooks.
What about the invasion of Europas, the massacre of the Alazisai people, and so on.
/“I don’t know, please tell me.”
Wei Xiaobei did not hide his ignorance and immediately asked back.
The white-r