was wasting, Amaterasu’s clones had captured all of Honshu Island, and even the Holy See of the Sun God Faith founded by Wei Xiaobei had been occupied by them.

Perhaps those clones of Amaterasu are busy consolidating the faith they captured, so they have not yet invaded Kyushu Island.
After receiving this news, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel lucky. Fortunately, he had harvested the divinity from all the statues before.
Otherwise, by now, wouldn’t it be that the day-care clone has been gained in vain?
/But having said that, what made Wei Xiaobei quite angry was that when the clone of Tianzhao came to the Holy See of the Sun God, the senior officials of the Holy See rushed to surrender to the clone of Tianzhao.
/On the contrary, many low-level priests and believers were unwilling to give their faith to the Amaterasu clone at all, and were eventually slaughtered by the Amaterasu clone and even the higher-ups of the Holy See who had taken refuge in it.
There is no doubt that those senior leaders of the Holy See are naked betrayers.
After Wei Xiaobei was annoyed, he thought about it and laughed.
This was not because Wei Xiaobei was laughing out of anger, but because he had thought of a convenient way to deal with Amaterasu’s clone.
The reason behind this is very simple. Even though the higher-ups of the Holy See are rushing to surrender to Amaterasu’s clones, Wei Xiaobei wants to kill them with ease.
The sun soldiers around the higher-ups of the Holy See are all ordinary people, and these ordinary people did not attract the attention of the clone of Tianzhao!
How dare the higher-ups of the Holy See not listen to what Wei Xiaobei said?
As a result, Wei Xiaobei did not rush to fight with Tianzhao’s clone. Instead, he found a hidden cave and hid himself.
In the next week, Wei Xiaobei did not leave the cave at all, concentrating on cultivating and brewing creatures in the cave.
Flesh cocoons kept appearing in the cave, and after they burst, creatures with cold air all over their heads emerged.
In view of his previous experience of severely damaging Amaterasu’s clone with a snow girl, Wei Xiaobei used the genes of the snow girl as the main source this time, supplemented by the genes of other low-temperature organisms, to study and create the strongest low-temperature creature.
In terms of the genes that Wei Xiaobei had come into contact with, the complexity of Xue Nu’s genes could only be considered moderate.
But Wei Xiaobei wasted a lot of time just to prepare a creature that was close to the snow girl.
What’s more, Wei Xiaobei wants to cultivate a creature that is more powerful than the Snow Girl, at least more powerful in creating low temperatures!
Due to the cultivation of various low-temperature creatures, the temperature in the cave has always been kept below zero, and the surrounding cave walls are covered with a layer of ice.
Of course, with Wei Xiaobei’s current depth of genetic research, it is not impossible to cultivate a creature that surpasses the Snow Girl if one only strengthens a certain a