f the Human Emperor has become a rootless source without Zhuan Xu’s continuous attention. Otherwise, the Golden Crow is just a young body. If it wants to resist the power of a Human Emperor, I am afraid it will still be unable to do so. .

But as the auras of the Human Emperor were dissolved by the Golden Crow, Wei Xiaobei felt relieved.
Without the obstruction of the Human Emperor’s aura, the remaining giant babies were naturally unable to stop Wei Xiaobei’s attack!
However, the Golden Crow took action to fight against the Human Emperor’s aura. Since it was in a larval form, its own light and heat was only a little, so it borrowed a lot of light and heat from Wei Xiaobei’s body, which made Wei Xiaobei feel a little dry at this time. Feel.
But it didn’t matter. Wei Xiaobei kicked off his legs and rushed towards the giant baby!
The Human Emperor’s auras, which were competing with light and heat along the way, were dodged by Wei Xiaobei one by one.
The Human Emperor is still the Human Emperor no matter what. Even if there is a rootless aura left behind, it is not that easy to get rid of it.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s calculations, the time required to eliminate these human emperor auras would be at least weeks!
Of course, this does not affect Wei Xiaobei’s attack on the giant baby!
In the blink of an eye, Wei Xiaobei was on top of the giant baby!
Well, looking from Wei Xiaobei’s perspective, we can clearly see what this giant baby looks like.
Well, rather than saying that the other party is a giant baby, it is better to say that it is an extremely ugly monster.
Its body was covered with various sores, and a layer of green and dirty aura covered its body, prompting its growth.
Judging from the breath that occasionally appears, this plague ghost will be able to complete its rebirth in a few minutes.
Well, Wei Xiaobei was disgusted by this giant infant plague ghost. To be honest, if the evil ghosts in this ghost gate had to go through such a procedure to be reborn, he really wouldn’t dare to put this ghost gate in his Aoki Blessed Land. .
The green, dirty aura released around this giant infant plague ghost almost condenses the most filthy and disgusting aura in the world, so that it is easy for people to fall into a kind of crazy mood that is difficult to extricate themselves.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know the secret of this rebirth, but he knew how to destroy the prototype before rebirth!
After all, it is easier to destroy than to build.
There was a sound of electric current flowing, and a layer of gold and silver thunder and lightning real mercury appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s left hand!
/Then, Wei Xiaobei pressed down his left hand, and after forming a giant net of lightning, it quickly fell on the giant baby!
/The moment the giant thunder and lightning net fell on the giant baby, friction broke out with the dirty aura. The giant thunder and lightning net continued to consume the dirty aura, and the dirty aura kept rising, like bubbles exploding one by one, trying to Push the giant thunder and lightning n