y? They are definitely ruthless, but they look down on their own universe!

This kind of confrontation makes people shudder just thinking about it. If there is no conflict, once it kicks off, time and space will collapse and civilization will bleed.
Wang Xuan couldn’t help it anymore and wanted to rush into those vague “scenes” to dig out and search to see if there was any old friend.
Is that kind of fighting over, or is it continuing? It felt like he was holding ten Thumbelinas in his heart, with hundreds of paws scratching his heart. He really couldn’t sit still.
Although many years have passed, the past is still deeply remembered in his mind.
As for the Dark Blood Legion, how are you? Is this world also flourishing? Do those “own people”, the strong men from the mother universe, still have the nerve to continue to “kill them” and pretend to be ghost blood?
To this day, Wang Xuan has been greatly influenced by some old friends. For example, the habit of grabbing an enemy’s neck and picking him up was “inherited” to Master Zhang.
After we said goodbye, the sword fairy Jiang Qingyao’s life and death were uncertain and she was placed in a health furnace. After many years, has she survived? It’s heart-wrenching.
There were also figures of Fang Yuzhu, the Demon Lord, and the great alchemist Xu Fu passing in front of Wang Xuan’s eyes.
He hoped that everything was wrong. After all, just a few tea fruits cannot prove anything. They may not have fallen from the vortex of time and space.
/“Those wonders actually involve battles between different civilizations? Over the past hundred years, many fairy mountains, floating islands, and huge ancestral veins have fallen nearby. They were all caused by outsiders.”
People were talking about it and were quite surprised.
“Speaking of which, many of the top orthodoxy in our universe, the ethnic groups standing at the top of the pyramid, are extraterrestrial civilizations.” Some people sighed, and it was indeed a fact.
This is no secret. When extraordinary people reach a certain level, they will gradually come into contact with this truth. After experiencing the initial shock, they will gradually accept and adapt to it.
“Does our universe still belong to us? Who has the final say?” someone said.
A person next to him reminded: “Forget it, don’t talk too much. Among the fellow Taoists who come here, there may be disciples of the civilization outside the world. Don’t offend others. They are guests from afar, so just accept it calmly. Besides, those people have also integrated into our world. .”
In fact, it is not just this universe. Every time the extraordinary center shifts, similar events will occur, and some civilizations will follow.
What is the Extraordinary Central World? This is a mutually fulfilling process.
It is precisely because of those outsiders and the splendid civilizations from different universes fighting to cross over and come to this world that the new “big stage” can be grand and prosperous.
Of course, some ethnic groups who live in pursuit of extraord