am, they can easily be defeated individually, and the plan of splitting up operations will become a fueling tactic.

But Suzaku doesn’t want to team up with Xuanwu, Xuanwu doesn’t want to get too close to Qinglong, and Qinglong doesn’t like them very much. If they insist on getting together, they will only get into a fight because of some bad words.
At this time, Gu Zongchen came over carrying Jing Muyan.
The filial son had some personal grudges with his dog father. He deliberately disgusted Suzaku and took the lead to stand behind Lu Bei. He also said that he had admired Lu Bei for a long time and wanted to be Xuanwu’s star.
“The villain feels the same way.”
Jing Muyan nodded his head and said some filial words with an moved face.
The preface does not match the afterword, and the ghost knows what kind of bird language he said. To sum up, the meaning is that Ci has been wandering for half his life, and he only regrets that he has never met his father. If he never abandons him, Ci is willing to worship him as his adoptive father.
“Cough cough cough!”
Talking nonsense here, coughing wildly there, Suzaku’s eyes were as wide as bells, and he stabbed Jing Muyan with a swish, almost coughing out his lungs.
Jing Muyan was even more proud, standing behind Lu Bei with his hands on his hips, his bird-like face rebellious.
Why, if you see that I’m unhappy, then come over and beat me!
Lu Bei’s eyes shone. This kid Jing Muyan can achieve great things. He has the three keys to success: persistence, shamelessness, and persistence to be shameless. If he doesn’t succeed, God is blind.
Is it not possible now because I haven’t sacrificed my father yet?
Because of this concern, Lu Bei refused to recognize his godson and did not join the Father’s Worshipers Alliance. He then patted Jing Muyan on the shoulder: “Follow me and work hard from now on. No one can beat you except me.”
Jing Muyan clapped his hands and applauded, while Suzaku was furious and was about to have a heated exchange of opinions with Lu Bei on the spot about who I was.
Qinglong couldn’t stand it anymore, and explained the key points of the plan to prevent the fueling tactics from being defeated one by one, and threw out two tokens.
With this token, you can freely travel through the fog, and it has the effect of ignoring the fog blockade and having conversations.
/Lu Bei took the token and squinted his eyes slightly to cover his suddenly shrinking pupils. The token was very similar to the Immortality Seal, both in workmanship and shape.
But the token is not a magic weapon, and it is not worthy of being given the Immortal Seal and Shoes in terms of grade.
According to the theory of the Mist Prison, the tokens are keys and walkie-talkies, and the Seal of Immortality
The Immortality Seal is more advanced, but its efficacy is not as good as the token. This is obviously unreasonable. Lu Bei can only think that he has not yet discovered the hidden function of the Immortality Seal.
Qinglong has a magic weapon that can locate Suzaku and Xuanwu. He doesn’t wa