have wanted to take a rest yesterday.

As for the few people who came in with them, they had already left to cultivate their vitality.
Once Wang Xuan started, he really devoted himself wholeheartedly, sitting on a mountain peak, immersed in this strange scripture, and operating this method.
Indeed, it consumes a lot of money. It mobilizes the dormant potential in the body, causing light to shine everywhere. All cells are resonating. This is just a small cycle.
Soon after, he began to try the medium circulation, and even his soul was involved. His spirit was extremely active, as if it was melted into the blood of his body.
At first, he did not deliberately focus on a certain field for enlightenment. He just wanted to see if the scriptures would automatically select a direction for him to change after the scriptures were turned on.
Everything is very stable, so smooth that there are no waves. His spirit, body, Taoism, etc. are like the bright moon reflecting on the bright lake, without any ripples.
/Two days later, he was still as stable as an old god, with no change in all indicators and abundant energy, enough to support his continuation.
After a day and a night, he discovered that his flesh and blood were crystal clear, his five internal organs were shrouded in light mist, and his bones were white and unchanged.
Undeterred, he tried again.
He began to try “magic transformation” and work towards the spiritual realm. His soul is extremely strong, flowing with powerful power, and he can break into the higher spiritual world in an instant.
Everything remains the same, his soul power is strong and stable, with no signs of change.
Running scriptures consumes a lot of money and is very difficult to practice. After others have used it for a few days, they will usually have some signs, either benign changes or signs of degradation. Whether they can practice it or not, there will be results.
“I’m so awesome!” He comforted himself. It was not his fault, it was because the scriptures were not enough to make him change.
To this end, he circulated the scriptures, regardless of the huge consumption, and began to try the great cycle route.
But he didn’t have any major problems, and he went through this path thoroughly.
“Well, my flesh and blood and my spirit don’t need the so-called mutation. I have reached the forefront and my state is perfect. There is no need to change anymore.” He said to himself solemnly and made an evaluation.
Because, for him, this scripture was quite smooth and had no impact at all. Bloodline mutation and divine transformation did not appear.
The wolverine came with the cub in his arms. He was as tired as a dog. He stuck out his tongue and panted heavily. He wanted to lie on the ground and didn’t want to move.
He practiced recklessly when he came up, five days earlier than Wang Xuan. Counting the time, it was already half a month.
/He persisted for so long, which really shocked several old peacocks, because in their analysis, Wolverine should be inferior to Heng Cheng, who returned to his