important. Only continuous victory can unite people’s hearts.

“Guardian, the enemies are all lunatics. They are rushing forward desperately, and the supplies used to defend the city are consumed very quickly.
Before the middle-aged officer could finish his words, Viscount Petrovich angrily shouted: “There is no chance!
No matter what, Ordersburg must be defended!
If you don’t have enough strategic materials to defend the city, then demolish the houses. Even if we fight for the Lord’s Mansion, we can’t let the city fall! ”
Strong-willed expressions of determination are not inspiring.
/It’s too late. If we had realized this earlier and invested more resources in the military, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.
The brutal battle continued, and the reinforcements that Viscount Petrovich had high hopes for never arrived.
To be precise, none of his letters for help were sent out.
The Nether Cult hidden in the city destroyed the communication magic circle in advance, and the messenger was surrounded and killed by the cult masters as soon as he left the city.
At midnight, the battle continued. The originally strong city wall had become precarious under the constant attack of the rebels.
In order to block the rebels, the city gate had been sealed during the morning battle.
The morale of the isolated defenders was on the verge of collapse.
If Viscount Petrovich had not personally gone to the front line to take command and constantly encouraged his men to encourage morale, the morale of the army would have collapsed long ago.
Dragging his exhausted body, Viscount Petrovich continued to patrol the city defenses. Now he didn’t dare to rest at all, lest he hear the bad news of the city’s destruction when he woke up.
“Sheriff, something bad is going on!
Before the messenger could finish his words, a bone spur was inserted behind him and he fell to the ground dead.
Following closely was a group of undead creatures, charging towards them. The guards hurriedly stepped forward to intercept, and the two sides soon engaged in a melee.
The old man guarding Viscount Petrovich made a decisive decision: “The situation is not good. Petrovich should arrange a retreat directly!”
In the era of family and world, the city can be destroyed, but the family cannot be destroyed.
“Third uncle, as the county guard, I must live and die with the city. Now there is no need for guards here.
You take your family descendants and leave from the secret passage!
If there is a chance to keep the territory, then you must tell the next generation to take this as a warning and never waste your armaments! ”
Viscount Petrovich said with a bitter look on his face.
Thinking back to his past, he was a life-stricken man who often spent huge sums of money to gain face in the aristocratic circle.
If all this money had been spent on armaments, why would we be in today’s embarrassment?
In fact, it was not just Viscount Petrovich who was obsessed with life and money, the entire family lived a luxurious life.
/The family’s daily expenses are severa