anger of the Bull Demon King at this time can be said to be higher than the sky and deeper than the earth. It turned around and lowered its head, and fell down as soon as it turned around. Then its body size expanded again, and its half-man, half-ox form then transformed into a giant bull, heading towards The monkey god rushed over.

At the same time, a circle of yellow light emitted from its pair of horns, making the monkey god unable to leave the range of its straight sprint!
This should be one of the Bull Demon King’s trump cards, perhaps one of the question marks on its attribute table.
/The ability to remain a question mark despite being aware of everything and unable to be seen by Wei Xiaobei is not low level.
Of course, being able to confine the Monkey God to a certain area, preventing him from escaping from both sides, is indeed a powerful ability, and it perfectly coordinates with the Bull Demon King’s giant bull charge!
In other words, this monkey god can only withstand the impact of the Bull Demon King head-on, but cannot dodge it!
It has to be said that this ability of the Bull Demon King made Wei Xiaobei’s eyes light up.
In other words, if the secret of this ability can be unlocked, the improvement of one’s own combat power will undoubtedly reach a terrifying level!
But the monkey god didn’t look afraid. When the bull demon was about to rush in front of him, he immediately hit him with a stick.
There was a loud noise, and Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised. Just when the giant stick was about to hit the Bull Demon King’s head, a layer of yellow light bloomed from its horns again, and it actually bounced the giant stick back. The giant stick that came back almost hit the Monkey God himself.
The monkey god’s reaction was not slow, and with the help of the rebounding force of the giant stick, he dragged himself back a long way to avoid the giant bull that was charging straight at him.
But before the rebound force dissipated, the monkey god jumped up and hit the giant bull with his stick again.
With just one charge from the giant bull, the distance between the two moved hundreds of kilometers, forcing Wei Xiaobei to quietly stay behind. When the two stopped, he found a crevice in the ice to hide in.
And under the continuous bombardment of the Monkey God’s giant stick hundreds of times, one of the Bull Demon King’s horns finally broke off less than half.
It has to be said that the Bull Demon suffered a heavy loss. Half of its horns were broken off, but it was no more serious than an ordinary physical injury.
After Wei Xiaobei picked up the small half of the horn, he checked it with the omniscience.
Name: Three Demonic Ox Horns·Zan (Second Level Spiritual Treasure)
Introduction: It is a magic tool made by the Bull Demon King using his own horns. After a long period of magic infusion, this magic tool has magical abilities.
Effect 1: Directional semi-dimensionality reduction, which can temporarily reduce the space within a certain distance in the specified direction to one dimension. Note