n he expected.

“Yes, you can’t make much money in other places, just a little more than that fraction.” Gear said: “Of course that refers to the income in our hands. For the entire Sherut, the income is almost overflowing. . In one week, every household here made at least three hundred marks, and now everyone in the city is praising you and Chalon’s merits.”
“How’s our plan going?” Hull’s real concern was this matter.
/When he implemented the welfare reform at United Steel Company, he did not consider too many issues. He did not expect that after Klitman learned about this matter, his genius brain immediately came up with a brilliant plan.
Since Marquis Dockman has helped a lot in this welfare reform, Hull can certainly find an excuse to reciprocate and let United Steel’s welfare system benefit the army. Of course he wouldn’t touch an active duty soldier, that might arouse suspicion. He just asked the Southern Branch of the United Steel Company to bear the pensions and compensation for the disabled veterans.
“The plan went very smoothly. The Marquis got more than 2,400 disabled veterans, and we selected 46 of the most promising and promising ones and replaced them with our people.
“The next thing that needs to be done is to let the upper management of Beru notice them. According to the practice of Beru Empire, if there are quotas for civil servants, priority will be given to selecting these soldiers who have been disabled for the country, and generally speaking, such People always get promoted quickly. Both Klitman and I believe that among these forty-eight people, some will enter important departments within three to five years.”
/Gear said: “In addition, we have also controlled more than 300 Beru people, most of whom are women. These women have an important position in the welfare industry of United Steel. Moreover, Klitman suggested that the next step Let these women go back to Beru and spread out the entire stall. If possible, within three to five years, this network will cover the entire Beru, so that the total number of people under our control will reach about 7,000 to 10,000. ”
“Klitman’s courage is too great.” Hel sighed softly: “What is he planning to do? Subvert the Beru Empire?”
“I don’t know either.” Gear shook his head and said: “But I also have a feeling that while everything is very beneficial to us now, it is always good to make some preparations. When one day the situation suddenly changes, today’s Arrangement might give us a chance to make a comeback.
Hull was silent for a while and nodded: “I will let United Steel and Charon further cooperate, and use United Steel as a springboard to develop our power to the entire Beru. It is best to become like the original Brotherhood. By the way, how is the training of our modulation warriors?” Hull asked, this is the key point.
“Everything is going very smoothly. Now there is no need for the Immortal King to make the mixture himself. Most of the work is done by the people from Savage Ridge. Occasionally, the Immortal King’s undead servants are needed