it was the twin brothers, he became even more angry, and he had the urge to shoot the two of them into pieces.

Wei Xiaobei signaled the two of them not to be impulsive and go back and sit down.
/When Albert and the others got to the top of the building and saw Leanne and others, their expressions suddenly looked a bit unsightly.
/This is also a normal phenomenon. As long as anyone has no shame at all, after doing something like abandoning a companion before, and then seeing the abandoned companion, he will naturally not feel too good, more or less. A little bit of guilt.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei was more or less relieved. In any case, the other party still had some humanity.
But what happened next made Wei Xiaobei feel that human nature had changed drastically.
Albert looked at Leanne guiltily and showed a bit of apology. After all, he also liked Leanne. He was scared to run for his life before, but after he reacted, he felt uncomfortable.
Now that I see Leanne, I am even more worried about what Leanne will think of me, which will affect my image in Leanne’s mind.
Of course, this Albert didn’t know that his current image in Leanne’s mind was no longer a good one.
Just when Albert was about to say something, the twin brother Alan’s nose suddenly twitched. After a moment, his eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but asked excitedly: “It smells like barbecue! Do you have barbecue?!”
Tasopouluo has a straightforward temperament. When he heard Alan’s words, he became extremely unhappy and shouted: “Yes, but we ate it, what? Do you still want to rob it?”
This is why Tassopoulo dislikes the two brothers so much. He just said this, but after he said it, Tassopoulu regretted it a little. He suddenly thought that these two guys are not good people, and they might really want to rob them. of.
“Yes, I just want to grab it! Be honest and hand over the barbecue, I’m hungry!”
Alan’s mind is simpler and he is more direct in doing things. Even if it is a bad thing, he does it with confidence. Before he finished speaking, he raised the flintlock gun in his hand towards the three people opposite him, as if he would fight if they disagreed. .
Seeing Alan’s actions, Tasopulo was not to be outdone, and immediately raised the flintlock gun in his hand: “Did I tell you what? You have a gun, don’t I?”
“Alan, what are you doing?”
Seeing Tassopoulou being so tough, Albert rolled his eyes, pretended to scold Alan, and asked Alan to point the muzzle of his gun towards the ground. Then he smiled and tried to smooth things over: “Alan is going too far, I will give him a Everyone apologizes, but we are all companions and we are a little hungry. Can you give us some barbecue?”
To be honest, Albert is quite thick-skinned and can be considered a character.
Wei Xiaobei felt a little ashamed of himself. If something like this happened to him, he would not be able to say such things shamelessly.
“Companion? Sorry, we don’t have any companions who left their companions and fled for their lives. You are not welcome here. Please leave.”