lso homes here. Generally speaking, places like this look very messy.

The accessibility in all directions mentioned just now does not only refer to the streets and alleys, but also to the air. A ladder extending diagonally and two entwined wire ropes can connect the buildings that are close together, from the block to the sky. This end can reach every house here without falling to the ground.
There was no one in most houses at this moment. People were out on the street. Most of the men had guns in their hands. The native residents here pointed their guns at the neighbors who had moved from Beru.
The Beru people also had guns. Because their number was too small, even the women took up arms.
The atmosphere seemed extremely tense.
Hull liked this feeling very much. He didn’t want the Yafa and Beru people to be too friendly. It would be nice if this slightly hostile atmosphere could be maintained forever.
All of this is controlled by him, and the final battlefield is here.
/There is no place in Miscon whose terrain is more complex than here. Although it is in the city, it gives him the feeling of being in a forest. For him, this is undoubtedly the most suitable hunting ground.
He has already arranged everything, and he is not the only one here. The Black Seraph did walk alone in the past, but after returning from the Holy See, he has realized that it is absolutely dangerous to have many subordinates but not use them, and to take risks with his own life. A stupid thing.
His people were ambushing the two nearby blocks, but there was no need for these men to come out and fight head-on. The stage for the performance would always belong to the Black Seraph, and all the unknown men had to do was arrange the curtains and manipulate the props.
Hull was sitting cross-legged on the roof balcony, waiting for the arrival of his prey. In the room at his feet was a captured magician, a guy who was very weak and had just left his apprenticeship.
This person is the bait. Although his strength is very poor, he can at least communicate.
Hull let his body relax as much as possible so that he could sense farther away.
This was a completely unintentional discovery. He has always believed that only by concentrating fully can one’s perception be pushed to its limit, and only then can one hear or see things further away.
But two weeks ago, when he had nothing to do, he suddenly discovered this secret. At first, he was puzzled. After checking a lot of information, he finally discovered that this was the so-called “celestial induction.”
There are very few people who can reach the realm of telepathy. There are several people who have reached this realm recorded in the book. They are either mages proficient in prophecy magic or devout and powerful clergy.
The book does not mention how the telepathy between heaven and man came about, and there is no method of cultivation. Being able to possess it is entirely dependent on luck. The few people recorded in the book also suddenly and inexplicably possessed this ability. One person fell in