autiful eyes that were a little confused and confused.

Following the gaze of the twinkling eyes, Hull saw that his missing right hand was resting on the slender waist of this beautiful little woman.
Hull could only force out an embarrassed smile. There was no way to explain this kind of thing clearly. Using an accident to prevaricate it would only make the matter darker and darker.
But at least he already knew that the ability brought to him by the dimensional spider was actually short-range teleportation. Unfortunately, he could only teleport one right hand.
With a flash of white light, Hel saw another one of him appear in front of him.
/This person is his stand-in. His original identity is one of the seven elders of Savage Ridge. He is a master of transformation magic. His current appearance is the result of the constant transformation spell.
“God’s envoy, Mr. Sharon asked me to tell you that he has sent people to Sukra to handle the construction of the railway track. He only needs to go through a few more procedures before the road construction can begin.” The man opposite said.
Hull was not surprised. Before he left Sherut, he heard that Chalon had bought the land along the road. The land is now very cheap. Even if the railway track is not built in the end, he will not lose too much by buying these lands. If Including the state-owned land occupied for road construction, this alone is already a profit.
This is why licenses are so difficult to obtain.
In the past, the upper echelons of Yafa were very worried that someone would take the opportunity to embezzle state-owned land, which caused Yafa to lag far behind other countries in building railway tracks.
On the contrary, the Beru people were very interested in building a railway track. Although the plan to cross the mountains was rejected, the plan to build a railway track from Miscon to Sherut was successfully finalized. He left By that time, surveying and mapping experts had already entered Sherut.
“Angel, a lot of people have moved to this town recently, and they seem to speak a different language than you.” The person on the other side said.
“Are they Beru people? The great migration has begun?” Hull’s interest was immediately aroused. He asked quickly, but he immediately regretted it, because it was useless to ask this guy. This old guy didn’t even know Yafa and Beru. Ludu couldn’t tell the difference.
“How many people are here? Are they coming alone or in groups?” Hull quickly changed the question to a question that the other party could answer.
Obviously this question is still a bit beyond the other party’s intellectual scope. He saw the man who looked exactly like Hull scratching his head and holding it in for a long time before saying, “Perhaps you can see for yourself?” As he spoke, the scene shook, and the man opposite disappeared and was replaced. It was a familiar yet unfamiliar scene to Sherlock.
Sherut is no longer the peaceful town it once was. The rugged hills nearby have been completely flattened, and a large area of ??open space ha