ed the road with her own feet, and Liu Changan suspected that she had not Sometimes the mileage comes down to a day of wandering.

“You are really amazing.” Liu Changan did not try to understand them. Perhaps this similarity is why Shangguan Dandan likes Zhou Shuling in particular.
/“Let’s buy parent-child clothes today.” Shangguan Dandan said to Zhou Shuling.
“Okay!” Zhou Shuling nodded happily, although she felt that as a mother, it wouldn’t be like having a daughter as old as Shangguan Dandan. It would be better to pretend to be sisters, but as long as Shangguan Dandan is happy, just pretend to be parent-child.
“You guys wear yours, and Zhou Dongdong and I wear it. Our outfits are called the witty and brave dragon and stupid kid outfits.” Liu Changan originally wanted to call it “the witty and brave outfit”, but he glanced at Zhou who was shaking the tree. Dongdong, I still feel that “witty and brave” is not suitable for Zhou Dongdong.
“Zhou dong dong!” Zhou Shuling discovered it in time and yelled quickly.
Zhou Dongdong then gave up trying to shake the snow off the tree. He looked up and a lump of snow fell and hit his face. He opened his mouth and spat out the snow particles in his mouth. Why is snow not as delicious as ice cream? ?
Today’s New Year’s goods mainly include all kinds of candies and a wide variety of fruits. Zhou Shuling and Shangguan Dandan bought parent-child outfits, and Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong bought witty and brave dragons and silly children’s outfits.
Except for Zhou Dongdong, Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Shuling had no objection to the name of the suit given by Liu Changan.
“It’s a set of the witty and brave brother Chang’an and the witty and brave child.” Zhou Dongdong muttered while peeling off the chocolate foil packaging.
“Think about your final exam! See if you are smart and brave?” Zhou Shuling said. Like any child, if she fails the final exam, she will be talked about throughout the holiday.
“Then I’m not smart and brave, are you smart and brave?” Zhou Dongdong said while eating chocolate. Zhou Dongdong had long forgotten about the final exam. Winter vacation is a time that has nothing to do with studying.
“Of course I am.” Zhou Shuling said with certainty.
“Then why would a smart and brave mother give birth to a stupid child?” Zhou Dongdong objected loudly, “Then why don’t you make me smarter and braver?”
/Zhou Shuling was speechless for a moment. This little butt, seeing that she was one year older, her academic performance was not good, but her ability to talk back was getting better.
“If you like smart and brave children, why don’t you have a child with the smart and brave brother Chang’an? If both of them are smart and brave, will they give birth to a stupid child?” Zhou Dongdong raised his hand and touched Zhou Shuling’s belly.
Zhou Shuling’s cheeks heated up and she took a peek at Liu Changan. He was actually smiling, as if what Zhou Dongdong said had nothing to do with him.
“I won’t give you anything to eat at noon.” Zhou Shuling was embarrassed to lecture Zho