en’t for the fact that this place was far away from the sea and was originally an uninhabited area, such spatial fluctuations would have attracted others’ attention.

As the spatial fluctuations became more and more intense, the space in the center of the array began to flip.
The moment the space turned over, the Immortal King stepped into it, and his figure disappeared immediately.
In another world, in the fog-filled Devil’s Mountains, the same astonishing spatial fluctuations shocked everyone who monitored the Devil’s Mountains.
/No one knows what spatial fluctuations on this scale mean.
But in an instant those monitors were shocked again.
What shocked them was that an extremely powerful aura suddenly emitted from the center of the Devil’s Mountain Range. Everyone felt it differently. Ordinary people felt frightened and had buzzing sounds in their ears.
The divine warriors felt that the energy in their bodies was rushing around and their bodies were out of control. The most painful thing was the magicians. Their magic power became extremely disordered, and it was difficult to calm down even if they tried desperately to restrain it. Those magicians with slightly weaker strength were , and immediately fell to the ground due to the backlash of magic power.
At this moment, thick clouds gathered in the sky, and the dark clouds rushed in one direction like galloping horses.
“It’s the one in the Devil’s Mountain Range who is about to accept the test of becoming a god.” Someone among the magicians finally remembered the long-standing record.
Everyone who heard this gasped.
The one who also gasped was the Immortal King who had just come out of the teleportation array. The rapidly gathering dark clouds were so familiar to him. He had just seen the same scene a few days ago.
Just after thinking about it, he already understood why it triggered the reaction between heaven and earth.
The place where he lives in seclusion is surrounded by a huge barrier. This barrier has been suppressing his aura, preventing him from entering the final transformation. However, this barrier also has its limits, and at this moment, it has exceeded them. reached this limit.
Thinking of this, the Immortal King quickly used the clone technique to split himself into two. One of the clones, carrying most of the consciousness and power, escaped back to that world before the teleportation circle was completely closed.
Seeing that the clouds above his head finally slowed down, the Immortal King let out a breath.
Once again, he used the clone technique to create a clone. This time, the Immortal King limited the strength of the clone to a very low level because the clone needed to leave the barrier.
With just a teleport, the clone was in the sky above Sherut.
Although the power has been limited to the minimum level, this clone still caused changes in the world. The sky suddenly became gloomy, and billowing clouds surrounded it in circles.
/The Immortal King looked above his head with a wry smile.
This is why he and Dosarun cannot move around