No one dared to speak.

Vaguely, everyone heard Ling Kong growl angrily: “You must be sick.”
The office is getting quieter.
The two managers before and after the comic tribe have two completely different leadership styles.
Han Ji-mi is gentle, talks about human relations, and gets along well with the cartoonist.
The disadvantage is that sometimes it is too particular about favors, and the preferential treatment given to cartoonists exceeds industry standards.
Lingkong is purely profit-oriented and pays attention to rules.
His cooperation with the cartoonist is purely commercial in nature, and there can be no human relations.
In fact.
Before Lingkong took over from Han Jimei, the department he was responsible for performed very well.
It’s not that he is incompetent, he only relied on his company connections to replace Han Jimei’s pustules.
What’s wrong with him?
The entire company knows that this is a person who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. This is how Han Jimei resigned.
There is a bigger reason.
/Inside the shadow studio.
Luo Wei looked at a group of assistants:
“Next, the update of “Kindaichi Boy’s Event Book” will be accelerated. Everyone must participate in painting. After studying with Teacher Shadow for so long, you should have the ability to draw independently. At the same time, we will open a new pit.”
Everyone nodded excitedly!
Here we talk about the daily life of the studio.
Lin Yuan is the creator and main writer of comics. He is also Luo Wei’s master and often teaches Luo Wei how to draw Chinese paintings.
In addition to traditional Chinese painting, Lin Yuan also teaches Luo Wei how to draw comics.
Under the halo of being a teacher, Luo Wei’s comic skills improved rapidly, and she was already qualified to ghostwrite for Lin Yuan again.
In his spare time, Lin Yuan also teaches other assistants in the studio how to draw comics.
The halo of the teacher has been activated. Under his guidance one by one in the past few years, the painting abilities of his assistants have improved dramatically!
Everyone can’t wait to show off their skills now!
God knows how far they have learned from Shadow Teacher!
Of course there was a reason for Lin Yuan to do this.
Because he will publish so many comics in the future that one person cannot draw them, not even Luo Wei, so he must train more helpers.
Under normal circumstances, Lin Yuan would not be able to train a bunch of painting masters within a few years.
No one can do it!
But Lin Yuan has such a perverted plug-in as a teacher!
So in the current studio, any assistant’s painting ability is already very scary!
If these little assistants from Shadow Studio go out and create comics independently, they will be more than enough to at least become excellent pure painters!
If this group of people collaborates to create together, the creation speed will be unprecedented!
In other words.
Lin Yuan’s studio definitely has a lineup of king-level painters that no other comic studio in Blue Star can produce!
/This l