ot invite him.

Although he knew that there was absolutely no way he could create the Thunder God’s Whip, the Immortal King was a little unwilling to let him just give up.
The Immortal King held the memory crystal in his hand and did not move for two consecutive days and nights. He did not even blink his eyes. All his energy was used in meditation.
Two days later, he suddenly stood up, and there was a glimmer of light in his cold eyes that had never shown any emotion.
The Immortal King murmured to himself.
“Since what I own is not a thunder and lightning domain, let me turn the Thunder God’s Whip into an artifact suitable for my domain.”
Several months have passed, and An Qi and Sha Sa already look like they have big bellies.
Precisely because they were pregnant, the two women never liked to join in the fun like other people. The furthest range of their activities was only the courtyard of the apartment.
This was also Shasa’s suggestion, because as soon as she moved in, she felt someone was watching her.
With her rich experience in espionage, she soon discovered that the surveillance was not targeted at the two of them. Almost everyone who came here with the masters and lived here was the target of surveillance.
Those who walk around, like to make friends and snoop around, are naturally the focus of surveillance, while people like them who rarely move around, never take the initiative to contact others, and do not like to gather together to chat, are the focus of surveillance. Just a passing glance.
In this case, Shasa certainly knew what to do.
Of course, you also need to have an eyeliner. Not knowing anything about the outside situation is definitely the worst thing.
Almost the same as Martin’s choice, Shasa also chose a woman who likes to chat and can never be quiet. This woman is their neighbor in the same apartment. suspicious.
When Shasa wanted to inquire about something, she would tease the woman to inquire around, but her teasing was always quiet and hard to detect.
/For example, a few days ago she wanted to know how the war was going outside, so she said to the woman: “The servants here seem to be very happy today. Maybe something good happened.”
This sentence, which was neither light nor serious, was enough to make that woman go outside to find out more about it.
As usual, An Qi and Sha Sa would go for a walk in the courtyard in the evening.
Just after pacing back and forth twice, I heard a commotion outside.
“Today is the weekend, right?” An Qi asked.
“It must be. The people who heard this sound should be those who went shopping below and came back. I wonder what news Griffinni will bring back this time.” Shasa said.
While he was talking, a group of people came over. Most of the people who go shopping are women. There are very few women in this world who look strange. Women pay more attention to appearance than their desire for strength, so most women choose those types that are not ugly after fusion.
Griffini, the woman with the loud mouth, is fused with the magic core of th