, after a period of dizziness, Hull found that he had been teleported to a dark room, surrounded by metal walls several meters thick, and his hand was still tightly grasping Robert’s shoulder.

This is a shelter. Hull used his blind sense to scan the surroundings. The space here is not very large. Just as he glanced around, more than a dozen people were teleported in, and now the room seemed a little crowded.
Suddenly, a dull explosion came from afar. Although the sound was not loud, the entire city in the sky trembled.
“The furnace exploded!”
Hull and Robert both gasped, and as soon as they thought of them being there just now, their faces turned pale.
If they were not teleported here immediately, they would definitely be blown to death alive. Hull might be able to be resurrected, but the little old man would definitely die.
In the hall, there was chaos at the moment.
The furnace exploded, killing many people. The guards who were killed were all elite members of the Gexia Empire. They should not have died. Although they could not withstand the power of the explosion, they could still escape if they wanted to. It was a pity. The place was too small and there was no room for escape.
Those who survived were all space masters, but these space masters immediately discovered that the survivors had to face a terrifying and powerful enemy.
The explosion didn’t kill the Golden Demon, and it wasn’t even damaged at all.
If the Immortal King were in the hall at this moment, he would probably be equally shocked.
A man as smart as the Immortal King never knew that he was teetering on the edge of becoming a god. In fact, as long as he continues his research on the evolution of the King Insect, he may have successfully challenged the Heaven Level and entered the higher space a few centuries ago.
The King Insects are actually the Insects that have successfully challenged the Heavenly Level. Although they are not intelligent, in terms of strength, they are not much worse than those lower gods.
It’s just that if these king insects want to reach the true ultimate, they still need the last step of evolution. What this step of evolution requires is a lot of energy.
Those nuclear crystals that appeared with the King Insect were actually prepared for the last step of evolution.
Of course, it is impossible for the Immortal King to use those nuclear crystals to feed the king insects. Those nuclear crystals are too important to him and are the basis for maintaining his survival.
It was precisely for this reason that he lost the opportunity to discover the truth.
The golden devil in Hull’s hand is the luckiest of all the king insects. There happens to be something in this hall that is full of energy.
As the two pieces of electrospar and a large amount of residue in the furnace were swallowed, the body of the golden devil emitted a dazzling golden light, and golden electric light flew around.
/Originally, the Golden Demon King did not have electrical properties, it was all eaten.
The huge lightning energy is changing its body