tcase by mistake. Hull knew that for a wealthy family like this, there would definitely be someone responsible for distributing invitations, and there would also be detailed records.

Stopping a random waiter, Hull told the waiter what he wanted. What surprised him was that after he reported the name Russ Hobbs, the waiter actually told him directly. He, the old Mr. Hobbes, lives in this villa.
Following the waiter, Hull came to the garden behind the villa, which was a garden full of southern style.
In the middle is a pool more than fifty meters long, with more than a dozen fountains gushing in a straight line. On both sides of the pool are neatly trimmed tree walls.
A group of people gathered at the edge of the pool. Among the group of people, there was an old man who looked to be in his seventies. He was also about the same age. Mr. Hobbs was completely different from Moon. Old Man Moon It gives people the feeling of indifference after seeing through the world of mortals after all the vicissitudes of life, but the old man in front of him is strangely calm.
The old man seemed very inconsistent with the luxurious and noisy illusion around him. Not only the old man, but also the group of people around the old man gave Hull the same feeling.
/Hull was an expert at observing others. Although the group of people in front of him were all wearing luxurious attire, their temperament did not match the attire at all.
After observing for a while, he could even guess the identities of these people. Some of them were artists, while others were scholars.
Hull walked straight towards the old man, and the old man obviously noticed him.
/Before Hel could speak, the old man had already smiled and said: “I guessed it right, I knew you would definitely come.”
“I’m sorry for my negligence that day.” Hull said quickly.
“No need to apologize. In fact, you won a bet for me.” Mr. Hobbs said with a smile.
He raised his hand to call a waiter over and gave him some instructions. At this time, the group of people nearby had surrounded Hull and asked him what happened. Hull had to take the wrong suitcase. The story was told, eliciting a chuckle.
After a while, the waiter led a few people towards this side.
The leader is an old man with a dignified appearance in his fifties. He is not tall, but he gives people a sense of energy. He is completely different from those scholars. This old man is obviously used to giving orders, and his every move is full of energy. Gives people an invisible pressure.
Behind the old man followed a young girl with an indifferent expression.
Judging from her clothes, this girl must be the daughter of a wealthy family, but she does not have the arrogance of those wealthy families.
Suddenly, Hel’s attention was attracted by a familiar figure behind the girl.
He was a young man in his twenties, handsome but resolute. His forehead was slightly raised, so that his eye sockets looked sunken, which made his eyes look sharper and more menacing.
The young man also saw Hel. What troubled Hel was that there was sud