ens of people They were all slightly stunned. Several of them moved their mouths, as if they wanted to say something, but in the end nothing came out. Only a young woman suddenly said loudly: “I don’t agree to rush to the ruins of Beijing! Could it be you?” Have you forgotten about the exploration team?”

The exploration team is a group of people, and even the eternal heartache of the more than a thousand people who may have died. It was not easy to establish a village, it was not easy to find a paradise, and it was not easy for everyone to have a A safe “home”, all this is really a paradise for them in the end of the world, but such a beautiful place was all ruined in vain because of an exploration by the exploration team. More than a thousand people Killed, captured, and eaten, the only ones who survived were the dozens of people who escaped. The incident with that exploration team was a taboo for them.
Li Lian looked at the girl. From his eyebrows, he could vaguely see that the girl’s familiar face should be someone he had known in that large settlement before the aliens appeared. She should also be maintaining order at that time. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to follow him here. Li Lian didn’t know how he survived so many dangers, and this girl actually lived with him. It was very likely that she had been following him since a long time ago.
Li Lian nodded and said: “I know, the ruins of Beijing are likely to be occupied by a large number of aliens. Just like the small town we went to this time, it is also likely to encounter unprecedented dangers. The rumored possibility Sex is too low, too low. I really can’t even think about the army of the human government, but I still want to go there. If you really don’t want to go, I have some food here and this military bayonet. You can take it. Go ahead, I can’t give you this gun because first, you don’t know how to use it, and second, I have to take them such a long way.”
/Although this young girl is as hungry as a skin and bones, a faint outline of beauty can be seen from her brows, and although her hair is dry, yellow, and covered with mud, this long hair is vaguely It also gave her some of her former beauty.
When she heard Li Lian’s words, her face suddenly turned red, and she shouted loudly: “Do you think I’m afraid of death? I just don’t want everyone to die! This rumor is so bizarre, what does the human government say? Where did they appear from? Underground? They suddenly appeared and spread the news to such a distant place. Who sent it? Those government troops? The government has abandoned us long ago! They don’t know where they hide and enjoy secretly. Where do they still remember us ordinary people? All this is just a rumor, just a dream shared by people living in extreme despair, so be sensible. Don’t lead us to death, just like you led us before, lead us to continue living.”
Li Lian suddenly pressed her shoulders fiercely. There had never been a moment when Li Lian felt so determined in his heart. He said seriously: “Because it is a d