their description of the scene of the red light rising into the sky, and guessed that it was most likely some evil cultivator of the Blood Demon Dao who wanted to do something evil, and was captured again. Suppressed.

All in all, Chu Weiyang’s earlier suspicions have been verified. Since the disaster has become more and more severe, this group of blood evil cultivators have become increasingly unpopular with the cultivators in Daocheng. Many Daochengs have suffered heavy losses. In the tense atmosphere, people’s hearts often break, and unspeakable things brew up.
It is precisely because of this that the evil cultivators who forced the Blood Fiend Dao escaped from Dao City and sought a secluded place to hide in the outer sea when the aftermath of the disaster had not completely subsided from the outer sea.
/This also led to the scene of everyone huddled together on Lingfu Island to keep warm.
And when this group of people stopped discussing the games and battles between the great monks that they had never witnessed, and when their perspective fell on the advancement of the Daocheng front and the rise of the reputation of the geniuses and monsters of the various sects, things began to change. Suddenly he came down from the vanity to reality, and he spoke in a serious manner, which sounded very believable.
It was precisely based on these discussions that Chu Weiyang could roughly see the aftermath of the current disaster.
Perhaps it has ended, perhaps it has come to an end. The battles involving those high realms have come to an abrupt end. As the violent storm and mist disappeared, the aftermath of the disaster is still brewing and echoing in the depths of the outer sea. It is the direction in which the Dao City monks and Xuanjia Dao soldiers continue to push the front line, and it is the “stage” where all the arrogant monsters who want to become famous roam freely.
Listening quietly like this, Chu Weiyang felt that this disaster had nothing to do with him anymore.
These flashy and false reputations have been looked down upon by Chu Weiyang. It is not because of the reputation. Chu Weiyang will not encounter those things that cannot be avoided in Tianwu Daocheng. For this reason, he has to do many extraordinary things. Something that was extremely inconsistent with his cautious nature.
At this point, Chu Weiyang no longer wants to get involved. He just wants to take root deeply on Lingfu Island, run his own dojo well, and then practice diligently day and night, and continue to move towards Leap to a higher realm.
When he thought of this, Chu Weiyang stopped thinking about the disaster and the changes in the situation. He really focused his eyes on the cultivators of the Blood Demon Dao in front of him.
After giving the power of torture and killing to Pei Wenli and the other four, the long-term madness was able to be expressed, and at the same time, the four of them were truly taught to show their cruelty and violence.
It is true that about half of the people died during the interrogation and torture. It was