ed into statues, and then fell to the ground and shattered. The ghosts completely dissipated in the ice slag, not even the slightest residue None, not even the soul beads that should have appeared after the ghost was eliminated. It was the true annihilation that disappeared.

The long-haired beauty looked sadly at the dense crowd of ghosts in front of her. Seeing these ghosts rushing forward and rushing toward her, she just sighed and said: “Is it painful? My people have lost their desire for life and are empty. Helplessness, discomfort, loneliness, is this torture more painful than death? That man is really cruel. You are supposed to be civilians who have nothing to do with the world, but in his eyes, maybe you are just cannon fodder and expendable. Or, just like how he treats me and his daughter.”
“Rest in peace, my people, I will avenge him, including you.”
/“Please forgive me. I am a derelict son of the Three-Eyed Clan. I have harmed you.”
A crystal ice bead rolled down from the corner of the long-haired beauty’s eye, and shattered on the ground with a soft crack. In an instant, from the place where the ice bead shattered, a sheet of ice rose up, and this The ice layer was still expanding, stretching out inch by inch. In just a moment, the entire corridor was frozen. In addition to the long-haired beauty, the horse she was riding on, and the already frozen Except for the Bone Cat, everything, including the ghosts, was completely frozen, and the ice was spreading endlessly.
Upward, through the clear light layer, the moon’s surface continues to freeze. Downward, along the corridors, layer by layer, the ice keeps moving forward.
In just a short moment, with this long-haired beauty at the center, one-third of the moon was completely frozen. Among them, any ghost, including those sleeping mutated ghosts, was even more terrifying than the mutated ghosts. The existence of ghosts has all been shattered by the ice. This is a world of ice and snow, white, empty, and clean. There is only a beauty with long silver hair, riding a skeleton horse, and a white bone cat crawling on her shoulders. She is lonely. Walking in this frozen world
This long-haired beauty actually froze one-third of the moon in a short period of time? This strength is simply terrifying and astonishing, and it doesn’t look like she has used any innate spiritual treasures at all, it’s just her own power that’s terrifying!
“Fuxi, my husband, the person I love most, wait for me, I’m coming to find you.”
“I have been looking up to heaven in hell for too long. It’s so cold and lonely here. Come with me. Didn’t you once say you would always be by my side? Didn’t you say you would love me forever?”
“Whoever holds this sword will fall with me. My love, I have fallen into the deepest part of hell. What about you? Are you still standing under the sun? Didn’t you promise to fall with me?”
“So, I come back to you in the name of Arthas Menethil, in the name of the son of the Three-Eyed Tribe, and in the name of your wife!”
Wang Jun, Yang Xuguang, Arnold and o