and fifth-level priests and priests, but also a large number of professional investigation and technical personnel.

The strength of these reconnaissance professionals and technicians is very low and cannot reach the fourth level of strength to survive in space.
In just an instant, dozens of professional reconnaissance technicians from the Temple of Knowledge were exposed to space. They did not have enough strength to cope with even the most basic cold in space. Coupled with suffocation, dozens of technicians soon became Personnel lost their lives.
The fifth-level priests and a few fourth-level priests stood in space with ugly expressions. They could only watch the death of their companions, but they were unable to do anything.
The cruelty of space is terrifying. If you enter space without Level 4, you will surely die once you lose the protection of the “Starry Spaceship”.
Archbishop Ambrose of the main temple of the Temple of Knowledge discovered that the scanning data connection was interrupted, and he understood that something was wrong.
However, due to the slow speed of the previous reconnaissance, several more reconnaissance ‘starships’ passed by, this time carrying more ore powder.
David returned to the Zerg world and returned to the underground space of the avatar of the demigod ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ through the portal.
He summoned the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ clone and the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ clone from the ‘Artifact Space Card’, and then separated an ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’ from the five demigod clone clones. Gave two Zerg god-level clones.
Although this battle with the God of War did not achieve the result David expected, it also allowed him to recognize the strength of the God of War.
It also made him put out the idea of ??challenging the God of War in a short time. He was not in a hurry. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future.
It is currently very safe here, with two Zerg god-level clones, two Zerg demigod clones, and five demigod clone clones.
It can be said that the strength hidden in this demigod territory is more powerful than any Zerg god-level territory.
David came to the area of ??the cube super intelligence system in the underground space. He was checking the work progress of the cube super intelligence system.
Now more than half a year has passed, and the research progress on formulating the cube super intelligence system is more than half over.
/David’s fingers pulled quickly on the light screen, and rows of data flashed before his eyes.
At this time, he activated the ‘Thinkstorm’ talent ability and connected four legendary level soul clones and 292 fifth-level soul clones. This gave him the ability to conduct extremely large and complex research inside Quick View.
The research results of the cube super intelligence system are very good, and the entity of Space War Temple is no longer needed.
The robot scanned the entire Space War Temple several times at close range using special scanning instruments. The Space War Temple was completely differe