men are too stupid to compare with the people I picked.”

The Immortal King joked: “The clues to the tomb have always been in your hands, but you just didn’t discover them.”
Dosarun was very depressed, but he really couldn’t refute it, because what the Immortal King said was true.
“The tomb of Charles the Conqueror is in another dimension. It is a world.” The Immortal King said.
Dosarun nodded silently, this was originally one of his guesses.
/If it is only hidden in a half-dimensional or ordinary different-dimensional space, it can still be found with the power of the Holy See. Only those independent spaces that can be called worlds can block the prying eyes of searchers because of the existence of powerful space barriers.
“You are in trouble and need my help?” Dosarun asked.
“I’m afraid you may not be able to help.” The Immortal King said, and he threw a memory crystal casually.
/Dosarun didn’t answer, because the whole space was him, and he who was transformed at this moment was just an image.
With a roll of golden light, all the contents of the memory crystal entered Dosarun’s consciousness; the face that transformed into an image immediately became ugly.
After a while, Dosalun murmured to himself: “The possibility of success is really small, only 10% at most.”
It’s not that he belittles himself. The memory crystal given to him by the Immortal King contained battle scenes in the turbulent space. Whether it was the Golden Demon King or the fallen man who suddenly appeared, it was enough to give him a headache. At most, he could only draw a tie with one of them.
There is another scene in the memory crystal – that is the moment when the Immortal King breaks through the barrier in the central area.
Dosarun saw the scene in the central area, where the fallen were everywhere wandering aimlessly, and the number could be described as thousands.
“It’s not that there is no way.” The Immortal King said, with a strange smile on his face.
The transformed Dozaron stared closely at the Immortal King. When they reach this state, their minds run millions of times faster than ordinary people, so they can guess what the Immortal King is thinking in an instant.
“Do you want people from the Holy See to be used as cannon fodder?” Dosarun said slightly angrily.
“As far as I know, in his later years, Kesdu developed a magical technique that can summon an angel army.” The Immortal King reminded.
“That’s the ultimate magic ‘Doomsday Judgment’. Do you know what kind of price you need to pay for using this magic, and do you know how terrible the consequences of using this magic are?”
Dosarun’s face was even uglier than before: “Even when the Holy See was in the most dangerous moment, we never used this ultimate magic.”
This is no lie. In the more than a thousand years of history after Dosalun, the Holy See has faced the crisis of complete destruction several times. The most recent one was the war in which Emperor Paneba conquered the Holy See.
A more critical time than this was four centuries ago when the northern countri