aiters, with their strength values ??next to them.

Both waiters are eighth-level brilliant knights. Masters of this level are already very rare in the talented Blood Vengeance Brotherhood. They will definitely be rented out to rich people as high-level bodyguards. I didn’t expect that here I can only watch the gate.
Since the person guarding the gate is an eighth-level knight, then what level of master is the person responsible for security?
Before coming here, Hull asked the old man about the background of this place and knew something about it.
/The background of this club is very complex. The shareholders of the club are diverse. Not only are big figures from various countries, various factions in the upper echelons of the Holy See also have some shares. Eight of the twelve cardinals are directors here, so even the Pope has You can’t force yourself here.
The old man mentioned that he would apply for a membership card for him, but it would take a week. Of course Hull couldn’t wait that long. Many changes could happen in a week.
/So he simply came straight with the two women. In order to show that he was not looking for trouble, he dressed up carefully for himself and the two women.
Xueli and Anna, one is young and delicate, the other is mature and charming. Because of the relationship between mother and daughter, the two people are somewhat similar in appearance, so Hull spent a lot of thought and designed a look for each of them. set of clothing.
Xueli wore a snow-white princess dress. The white satin and velvet lace highlighted her innocence. The pearl necklace and armbands made her look delicate.
What Hull designed for Anna was a bright red suit, a long red low-cut skirt, long red leather gloves, and a red mesh scarf hanging from the bottom of the red fashion hat, which made everyone who saw Anna from a distance , they all deeply felt that this woman was very charming and a peerless beauty.
These two sets of clothes were the result of Hull working hard all night. He originally thought that he had not done manual work for a long time and would be rusty. Unexpectedly, after becoming more knowledgeable and open-minded, my taste and inspiration have improved a lot. Although my craftsmanship is a bit rusty, the overall effect is better than the previous design.
“Are you a member here?” A waiter in a straight dress greeted him.
Hull knew that the waiters in this kind of high-end membership club could remember every member, and even knew their identity and preferences clearly.
Of course he, a stranger, would be blocked. The reason why he was not kicked out was probably because of his appearance and the relationship between the two women around him.
Hull casually took out a large-denomination note of one thousand furri and stuffed it into the waiter’s hand: “What do you need to become a member here?”
The waiter did not answer, but took a step back and said: “I’m sorry, not everyone can become a member. They must be introduced by senior members, and it will take a week to verify the new members’ identities.