but to think about it this way, he felt lucky for the arrangement before he left.

He left all the work of contacting Miscon’s resistance organization to Miss Linsi. What this lady has to do is to pull up a group of her own team. This group of people will be arranged to go to Beru. There training and integration.
After the training is completed, some of these people will return to the three major provinces as Beru immigrants.
When leaving, his request to Linsi was that the people he called did not necessarily have to be large, but they must be absolutely reliable, and all people must be dispersed. Only one person in each group has a single line of contact with Linsi.
For those who are unwilling to follow their lead, Hull has a message for Linsi: don’t force it.
The situation in Brownton will soon become serious. According to the chaos in the two southern provinces, it will definitely not take more than a month.
A month later, those resistance organizations that are unwilling to cooperate will be in crisis. It will be a real cold winter, and not many people will be able to survive this cold winter.
At that time, those who survived will feel the wisdom of his decision even more.
Hel had even planned to come back and appear once or twice as the Black Seraph when the situation was at its most severe.
Of course, the premise is that the Immortal King can help him solve the problem of aerial riding. What confuses him most now are the things flying in the sky.
Suddenly he thought again that he and his blood feud still had an unsettled debt, and further actions on the gear side were about to begin. The situation in Fansai had become increasingly chaotic, and it would be within one or two weeks at the earliest. matter.
The only thing left to do now is to get the Immortal King’s affairs settled first. Hull had no clue about this matter. Could it be that he really walked directly to the Papal Palace and told the gatekeeper that it was an agent of another powerful existence in the world who wanted to do it? Meet the Pope?
There can only be one result, and that is to be regarded as a madman or a malicious provocateur on the spot.
Just as Hull was thinking about what to do, suddenly there was an explosion from the west, and Hull jumped up.
/Looking from the direction of the fire, it was the door that had been blown open.
Hull was a little strange. The sentry tower at the highest point of Red Pine Town was monitored 24 hours a day. There were patrolling guards on the outer wall, and there was no place to hide around. How could the gangsters get in?
With this thought, he raised his head and looked at the watchtower, as many people did subconsciously.
A bright light dazzled everyone’s eyes, followed by a deafening roar. The watchtower exploded, and the exploding sparks flew far away.
“Bandits are coming to town!”
“The town has been captured!”
Various voices rang out, and the shouts were mixed with explosions and gunshots.
The people around Hull were also in a panic, but Hull himself was still