ground shook violently, as if The entire Easter Island was shaken, and then on the extremely distant sea, a huge figure slowly stood from the sea to the shore of Easter Island. This majestic body was at least about 800 meters high. It was the world government’s pressure. One of the trump cards at the bottom of the box is the Oberith Giant Divine Weapon!

As soon as the giant soldier landed, he immediately walked towards everyone with big strides. Although Easter Island is not small, it depends on what it is compared with. If it is an ordinary person, it will naturally feel that it is quite vast, but From the perspective of this 800-meter-tall giant, the entire Easter Island is nothing more than a coral reef occasionally exposed in the sea. After a few steps, it is getting closer and closer to everyone. At this speed Calculation, let alone thirty seconds, I am afraid that in more than ten seconds it will be able to directly step on everyone’s head.
/Because the giant god soldier is more than 800 meters high and looks like a small mountain when he stands up, everyone present can naturally see it clearly. Except for Valkyrie who still has the same frozen face, the other people are frightened. Her face turned pale, and the little girl standing next to Valkyrie flattened her mouth and started crying immediately. She said in a tearful voice: “Sister Valkyrie, let’s enter the fantasy land right away. That thing is too scary.” , the hundred-meter demon god was punched into pieces by it, I don’t want to die like this!” At the end of the sentence, the little girl started crying.
/Pei Jiao and others were a little embarrassed, because this matter had nothing to do with this little girl, or even Valkyrie. It was all because they learned the secrets of the World Government, which triggered all this, and now The reason why it was so dangerous was because they had to wait for Gong Yeyu. In other words, it was because of them that the little girl was made to cry. This was indeed very embarrassing.
Valkyrie ignored the little girl at all, but kept her gaze fixed on the distance. After a few seconds, she suddenly said: “Gong Yeyu is here, we can enter the fantasy land.”
Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and quickly raised their eyes to look into the distance. Sure enough, they saw a purple flash of light quickly passing through the group of soldiers in the distance. In just a few seconds, the purple flash in the distance had already disappeared. From far to near, when he got close, it was Gong Yeyu who was running hurriedly with Men Neodymium Chen on his back.
As soon as he came closer, Gong Yeyu immediately cursed: “Damn it, you only mentioned the place of accommodation before, but there are so many places to stay where the Chinese Soul Organization is stationed. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to meet someone from the Chinese Soul Organization, I wouldn’t have been able to stay here at all. It’s impossible to find Meng Neodymium Chen so quickly!”
Pei Jiao and others looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Gong Yeyu