giant god soldier away far away. The entire ground seemed to have experienced a magnitude 12 earthquake. There were cracks in the stop, and the middle part was even more protruding. It was obviously the trace of the body of the Titan Soldier being pushed underground. The power of this blow directly pushed the Titan Soldier from the middle of Easter Island to an extremely distant place of dozens of kilometers. In addition, it almost sunk and shattered one-fifth of Easter Island’s landmass. Fortunately, the previous battle had moved the battlefield away from the central building area, otherwise the entire central building would have collapsed immediately under this blow!

“Hahaha, have you seen it? This is a god-like power! It is only 20% of the power of the World Snake, but it is already so powerful that it is so terrifying. Who can stop me? Who can resist me? Hahaha, Who am I, you mortals?” Rocky laughed again. Although he was in the body of the 100-meter Demon God at the moment, his extremely arrogant demeanor was so lifelike, as if he was his true self.
“Mortal Wisdom”
Just as Rocky was laughing wildly in the sky, a clear female voice suddenly sounded in his ear. This voice came so unexpectedly that he had no chance to recover. The next second, a voice A bright light flashed past him, and the connection between him and the black dragon was immediately cut off, and his upper body slowly started to fly.
The bright light gradually faded, revealing a peerless Eastern European beauty with brilliant purple hair, which seemed to make her appearance a little coquettish, but her expression was as cold as water, without any trace of emotion. Any emotional fluctuations in speaking.
/This gorgeous Eastern European beauty is sitting on a white and translucent silver Pegasus. She holds a silver two-handed sword in her hand. When she swings it, bright light emits. At the same time, she is also wearing a suit that covers important parts of her body. The half-body crystal armor looks really beautiful and mighty, and there is an aura field around her body. This gorgeous beauty is actually a true demon-level powerhouse? !
“Valkyrie! Owner of the Goddess of War skill? Why are you here? And you are actually a real demon? Impossible, impossible.” Rocky was separated from the black dragon and half of his body was still floating in the air. He roared loudly, and at the same time, black flames continued to shoot out from his eyes, facing Valkyrie who rushed towards him on a Pegasus.
/While Valki was talking expressionlessly, the Pegasus she was riding on had already flashed through the black flames, and at the same time turned into a ball of bright light and rushed directly into Loki’s half of the demon god’s body. The center of his chest broke through, creating a huge hole in his chest.
Rocky was really panicked now. He roared loudly and led the dark clouds around the black dragon’s body to move towards him, trying to repair his body again. But at this moment, a violent purple light flashed from the sky above, Then this purple light