protagonist would naturally be infinitely powerful.

“I can still suppress this sublimation fluctuation for about three days, only three days! It may only be two days. In short, the entire human city should immediately prepare for a decisive battle. Also, immediately ask Zhang Heng from the southern human city to come over and let the southern city The super state owner of the expeditionary force rushed over, and Novi Tyrone also came over, telling them that we humans may only have this one chance. If we cannot achieve the protagonist’s status, our epochal destiny will be at stake. It’s very likely that you’ll have to remember it!”
/Pei Jiao’s voice came intermittently from the five-color light group, as if he was enduring some extreme pain. In fact, he was indeed enduring extremely terrible pain, but other than Varimathras, no one else Just don’t know.
Just after Pei Jiao’s voice came out, several old generals with the rank of major general or lieutenant general gathered around them. Next to them were several equally old congressmen. One of them, about seventy years old, was anxious. Asked: “How long does the sublimation process take? City Lord, how long will it take for you to regain your combat effectiveness.”
Unfortunately, this question did not get an answer. The colorless brilliance group immediately became dazzling and bright, and Varimathras quickly said beside him: “He has fallen into a deep depression. Unless he is attacked, otherwise he will begin to sublimate.” It’s impossible to revive him before now, so we’d better move him to a safe place immediately, he is very vulnerable now.”
The only person who can stop him is Li Lian! In the battle of the expeditionary force, Li Lian’s combat effectiveness had long been known to the councilors in the Human City. In particular, the generals had discussed this as a key point, so at this moment they all focused their attention. It’s up to Li Lian.
“Don’t worry, he doesn’t have murderous intent.” Li Lian was not an idiot, and he didn’t shy away from anything. He looked directly at Varimathras and said, “And I can guarantee that if he dares to move, I will kill him immediately.” Kill him!”
Varimathras was immediately furious. On the one hand, these humans did not trust him. On the other hand, Li Lian, a mere living person, dared to speak so boldly to him, a high-level holy spirit. Will he be killed immediately? What does he think the high-level Holy Spirit is? Chickens, ducks and animals? And killed him immediately
However, Varimathras is a high-level Holy Spirit after all. Just when he was furious and wanted to retort, his spiritual sense took effect at this time. To be precise, he immediately felt a danger, just like How could it be possible that he was in danger when he faced Pei Jiao, as if he would die immediately if he dared to speak? Facing a living person and a mortal thing, how could he, a high-level Holy Spirit, be in such danger? How can it be! ?
After all, Varimathras is not Shiva. He is the Dread Lord of the Demon Clan. Even among all the tribe