explosion, it seems that there is no attack method in the world that cannot be converted from these Bagua runes.

But something is really wrong
With Li Lian and Wang Jun restrained, and Arnold emitting several lasers from his body to restrict his position, Yang Dingtian finally took the opportunity to penetrate Jiu with one shot, but randomly, he was floating next to Jiu again. The Bagua runes were blown away, and a few seconds later, Jiu once again started the next round of attacks vigorously.
“Something is wrong, something is really wrong, Yang Dingtian, are you sure that the attack just now contained a concentrated power?” Looking for an opportunity, Li Lian flew near Yang Dingtian, and he suddenly shouted loudly and asked.
Yang Dingtian was also furious at this moment, and he immediately shouted back rudely: “Nonsense! Do you think I am joking with him? Don’t fucking tell me, the light that shocked your soul just now was for him. Massage?”
The two of them glared at each other, but they knew that now was not the time to talk about this. They both had certain guesses in their hearts. They almost said in unison: “Immortal?”
While the two yelled these words, on the other side, Arnold once again blew Jiu to pieces, but a few seconds later, Jiu appeared on the scene unscathed again, as if he was just a false TV projection, Or a set of false data generally
/When Yang Dingtian thought of this, he suddenly frowned and said: “It’s really weird. I just had some vague ideas. Do you still remember what Nuwa said? It seems that this dove is very important for casting the Jiuzhou Cauldron. Don’t worry about it, I’ll try again, you all should enlarge your eyes and see carefully.” As he spoke, he ignored Li Lian and just dodged and rushed towards Jiu again.
In fact, after fighting Jiu for several rounds, the four of them had already had doubts about this. Yes, Jiu can use Bagua runes and use various attack methods, but there are two doubts. One is The power of these attacks doesn’t seem to be very good, at least they don’t produce fatal kills like the three trigrams of Bagua used by Pei Jiao. Secondly, Jiu’s defense is too invincible. It’s not that his defense is very strong, but that he has no defense at all. , no matter how you hit him, no attack can completely kill him
/Yang Dingtian rushed straight towards Jiu without any scruples, and Jiu waved to him, and the combination of Bagua runes suddenly changed, and a red pillar of fire rushed straight towards Yang Dingtian. In an instant, Yang Dingtian’s whole person was wrapped in In the flames.
But how could Yang Dingtian be defeated so easily? Not to mention the crimson flame pillar, even a more violent attack would not cause fatal injuries to him. He is a holy soul!
Energy condensation skills and aura field armoring skills are all enough for him to withstand such attacks. Although his soul body will be slightly damaged, this does not prevent him from easily breaking through this layer of flames, but when he sees the light, Scattered, with one thrust of the spear, Yang