we put aside the existence of the Holy Spirit, the Advanced Holy Spirit, and even the Holy Soul, and compare it purely with the power of ordinary things, this power is not even It is inferior to the combined power of all the mortal creatures in his clan. After all, humans with fighting spirit and super state have a strength that far exceeds that of the so-called legendary strongmen among the eight powerful clans.

It was precisely with this strength that exploded in the battle that Wang Jun and others moved faster and faster. Any aliens who stood in the way were crushed. Even the Holy Spirits were killed. Yes, you must know that the Wang Army now has legendary weapons such as the Pangu Banner, but it is still easy to kill some weak alien Holy Spirits.
/Not talking about these, but said that the cold and handsome young man named Saru frowned and pulled out the ancient long sword in front of him from the metal. As soon as he got this ancient long sword, countless information immediately poured into him. In his mind, including the name, origin, power, how to use, etc. of this ancient long sword, everything rushed into the depths of his consciousness, making him feel his head swelled for a moment, and he was almost stunned. .
At this moment, directly in front of the convoy, where Wang Jun and others suspected it was a crater, a demonic figure shot straight into the sky. This demonic figure was none other than Varima, who had escaped from the human city. Sass, he stood in mid-air and looked straight down with a gloomy face, feeling both bitter and cruel in his heart.
/Apart from that, tearing off an arm is nothing at all. He is a high-level Holy Spirit, and the impurities in his soul have been refined by Pei Jiao. This is the potential for future advancement and advancement. To recover One arm is not too difficult, but the Immortal Trapping Sword is different. The key to the reason why he dares to escape from the human city at this time and is not afraid of the eight powerful tribes who want him in the future is the Immortal Trapping Sword. Firstly, its power is terrifying enough, comparable to the existence of a divine weapon. Secondly, this Immortal Trap Sword is the embodiment of the light of the soul and plays a decisive role in promoting the Holy Soul. Although in this way, he cannot achieve his own path. If you get rid of your inner demons, you will never be able to advance to the late Demon King level, but you can still be sure of being promoted to the early Demon King level, or to the middle Demon King level.
Because of this, Varimathras regarded the Immortal Trap Sword as more important than his life. When he escaped from the human city, he might not have known that the Immortal Trap Sword was a big trouble and the final cause and effect of mankind. If he tried to escape, he would probably be bitten by it, but he still took the Immortal Trap Sword with him without any hesitation. This was the reason. Now that he had lost this Immortal Sword, he gradually decided in his heart that he would never do any harm. The