Li shook her head repeatedly. Savage Ridge was surrounded by a sea of ??insects. It was not very convenient for them to get in and out. The river was too far away from them. Let alone fishing, Xue Li had not even eaten fish before leaving Savage Ridge.

“It’s very easy to catch small fish. You just need to reel in the fishing rod after hooking the bait. But when catching big fish, especially those large sea fish in the sea, if you reel in the rod too quickly, you will only pull the line or break the fishing rod. The best way is to Put the line very long and let the fish swim until it loses all its strength, and then it will be caught.”
Hull said: “Harlan will definitely find it difficult to stay here after being frightened this time. He will either get a large amount of money and escape, to a remote penal colony or even the New World, or he will ask for asylum and be able to The only people he has are the people over there, but he has to give them a reason to protect him,” Hull said.
/“Does he have such a reason?” Xue Li didn’t believe it.
“Yes, Harlan is not without any value. Don’t forget, he at least knows Gear and a few other people.” Hull said.
“You immediately send a message to the gear and ask him and a few others to change their appearance as soon as possible.” Hull ordered.
If you want to keep an eye on the old liar Harlan, you have to live here. Under the guidance of a waiter, Hull went up to the third floor.
Going up the stairs is a hall, which is decorated with splendor and splendor. The decorator who decorated this place must have a fondness for gold.
All the eyes can see is the color of gold.
It was pure gold. The walls and ceiling were covered with gold leaf, the windows were plated with gold, the furniture was either painted with gold or gilded with gold, and the furnishings were either lacquered gold or plated with gold.
There is a big golden bed in the center of the hall. Even the sheets covered on it are made of golden silk and satin, with patterns made of rusty gold threads. Dozens of women are lying or sitting on the bed. Each of these women is extraordinary in beauty. Not inferior to Xueli and Anna in the slightest.
Hull had already expected this place.
Since there are drugs, alcohol and gambling in this club, women are also indispensable.
No one was surprised to see Hull come up with two women, apparently this was a common occurrence.
Behind the hall was a row of guest rooms, and bursts of ecstasy sounds came from the rooms. Of course Hull knew what was going on.
From the general manager’s mouth, Hull already knew which room the old liar lived in.
Having just lost a round at the casino, Harlan entered his room without looking back, without even calling the woman. The fact that he is not looking for a woman means that he is smoking opium in his room.
Hull asked for the room next door. The soundproofing of the room here was quite good. As soon as she entered the room, Anna set up a magic circle on the wall, and soon the wall next to it became as transparent as glass.
You can see