y to the ground, there is a huge explosion on Easter Island. It was as if a layer of golden rain fell on some areas. It was not until it fell on the ground or souls or living people that the blood and minced flesh gradually turned into standard energy and dispersed into the void and disappeared.

The power of hundreds of rockets and missiles is really terrifying. The fire ball in the sky is still burning to this day. A giant dragon that is a thousand meters long and dozens of meters thick was blown to pieces. Such a terrifying power It does show that human beings’ technological level is not too weak, but Pei Jiao’s brows furrowed even more tightly, and he did not cheer blindly like the people around him.
The oppressive force of the dark will transmitted from the zenith has not weakened at all. On the contrary, as the black dragon’s body was blown to pieces, the oppressive force of the dark will has become larger and larger, more and more intense. If the oppression before If the force can be regarded as like Mount Tai, then the oppressive force at this moment is like all the five mountains put together, getting bigger and bigger, more and more condensed. What looks like being seriously injured there is clearly the top of the zenith. The giant black dragon was angry and roaring!
Sure enough, the torn apart black dragon once again let out a roar that penetrated into the soul, and then dozens of acres of black clouds quickly appeared around its body, condensing towards its body, and in just a few seconds In a short time, the torn body had been restored to intact. Not only that, but circles of substantial black aura appeared on the body of this huge black dragon. It no longer just showed the aura of a true demon level peak. It is just the color of the field, but it actually condenses and emerges like real matter. But with a slight roll, the violent explosion fire around its body is rolled up and condensed into a ball of pure incandescent white light about a hundred meters in diameter. ball.
/Then everyone saw the black aura field throwing the blazing white light ball downwards. This was just a condensation of fire formed by the explosion. The light curtain defense layer in the sky did not stop the blazing white light ball from falling. In this way, under the attention of everyone, this blazing white light ball fell into the garrison of a certain country at the southern end of Easter Island. One second, two seconds later, there was a loud bang from the far distance, as if it was a small ball of light. It was like a nuclear bomb had exploded, and the rising dust and fire could be clearly seen even from this end of the island. A mushroom cloud hundreds of meters high rose up, and violent winds mixed with flying sand and rocks also hit. The cheers at the scene stopped instantly. When they got down, it was as if a quacking duck suddenly had its neck stuck. Everyone made a gurgling sound in their throats. They didn’t know whether they were surprised or frightened.
/If this ball of light falls on their heads, what will happen