Like the fifth-level believers, fifth-level priests and priests in major temples, after death, except for the souls that are robbed on the spot, the rest will return to the small world of their faith.
The gods are like shepherding sheep, and believers are like sheep, harvesting the faith of believers during their lifetime and harvesting their souls after death.
The God of the Earth has not encountered anything that can compete with the five gods for many years, so he feels a little strange.
/“It’s very fair. Arthur Luce has the strength to snatch the fifth-level soul origin of Wu Zhu from us. This is a matter for everyone based on their own abilities!” The God of War said lightly.
The God of War recognized David’s strength. Although this strength was only achieved by David with the help of three gods, in fact, the battle with the God of War ended in a draw.
The God of War at that time recognized David’s existence, so as long as the God of War was not ready to turn against him, he would treat David as an equal being.
The souls of the two fifth-level Zerg are not the souls of believers of any god in the divine world, not to mention that Lord Arthur is also involved in this battle, and Lord Arthur is qualified to harvest the spoils.
“Arthur Luce is nearby. Why don’t we take this opportunity to meet him? He has connections with the Zerg world and notified the Zerg of the Great World War in advance. Maybe we still need his information. , you can even borrow his fighting power!” The God of Wealth said with a smile.
/Except for the God of War, the other four gods here are extremely curious about Lord Arthur.
A young man who has become a demigod through his own training and can mobilize three powerful gods is already worthy of several gods meeting him.
The four gods know how strong the God of War’s close combat ability is. He is also the only god in the divine world who can resist the gods who have cultivated to the level of gods through close combat.
Lord Arthur relied on three god-levels to achieve a draw with the God of War, which was enough for the four gods to take him seriously.
Fortunately, two of the three gods that Lord Arthur relied on were obviously Zerg gods, not the gods of the great world. The identity of the other black dragon could also be found out, so the four gods tolerated it. The existence of Lord Arthur.
This time, Lord Arthur took advantage of his connections in the Zerg world to get the news of the war in the Zerg world in advance. This proved the fact that Lord Arthur was devoted to the divine world.
The God of Wealth is very curious about Lord Arthur, especially about the two Zerg gods. He is concerned about whether Lord Arthur can make the two Zerg gods switch sides if they participate in attacking the divine world.
“Well, if there is a problem with Arthur Luce, we have already been prepared!” the God of Justice said in a deep voice.
The God of Justice is worried that a strong man with such powerful strength participates in the camp of the divine world, but has close ties with t