psed and were annihilated, and this time Fuxi The three corpses never gathered together again, and completely scattered into nine tripod-shaped patterns of different sizes. Each pattern was composed of countless characters.

“The Nine Continents Cauldron appears!”
“Ning! Nine tripods merge into one!”
/Just as Nuwa was chanting this, a light group that looked like a bird but not a bird suddenly appeared on one of the nine giant cauldrons. In an instant, this illusory giant cauldron became solid and as if There is also a tendency to change into matter, and around this cauldron, the other illusory cauldrons seem to want to condense and gather together.
“not enough.”
Nuwa frowned and suddenly raised her hand and flicked her fingers towards the nine cauldrons. A small ball of hazy space suddenly fell into one of the nine cauldrons. Suddenly, a small metal structure appeared in the illusory cauldron. People kept running, but the cauldron still seemed illusory. Just when Nuwa frowned, she didn’t expect that at this moment, a man and a woman flew not far away, relying on the speed of a holy spear to fly straight to the cauldron. Flying over, and on the tip of the holy spear, a large hazy and twisted space ball flew straight into the illusory cauldron. In the blink of an eye, the cauldron suddenly became extremely solid, and began to attract the surrounding people like another cauldron. The cauldron of illusions gathered together.
Nuwa looked at the man and woman strangely, and then looked particularly at the holy spear. In fact, when she fought with Kua before, she had already stolen a little of Kua’s life mark. Originally, this very little The imprint of life will gradually dissipate, and if Kua is immortal, he himself will complete the missing part. But at this moment, Kua is dead, so under the attraction of Jiuzhou Cauldron, he has absorbed all of his imprint of life into it. Among them.
Just on the tip of the holy spear, there was only a ball of silver-white metal substance left.
Nuwa silently calculated for a moment, then she smiled bitterly and said: “I’m really in a dead end, and I can’t even escape like this. Kudos, your desire to live is really strong. Do you want to live no matter what? Then? See you in the ‘world’.” As she spoke, she suddenly waved and picked up the silver metal substance on the holy spear. She played with it with a smile, and then looked hundreds of kilometers away. Fuxi and Tongtian were fighting in mid-air. She sighed, opened her mouth, and swallowed the metal material.
“Then, everything is ready to play. Brother, Wa will go ahead and see you again when we are in the world. Never forget me. We have agreed that when we are in the world, you will marry me~” Nuwa murmured to the sky very far away, then looked back and smiled, no longer caring whether Fuxi or Pei Jiao could hear her words. The next second, her body broke apart inch by inch and melted again. For a large black-yellow aura, Bagua runes, five-color brilliance, and four divine beasts are all surrounding it.
And just when the bla