l, the master of darkness, and the souls of all the three-eyed tribesmen were treated as its desserts or toys, day after day. Day after day, year after year of torture, until it transformed and transformed into a minion of ‘darkness’, completely losing its own consciousness, memory, and imprint of life. All that was left was destruction and corruption, and the entire subspace also became ‘darkness’. ‘s territory, it has been transformed according to its sinful memory, and all life forms entering the subspace will be contaminated by it. From then on, the subspace no longer exists, and hell appears, so there is no more mature civilization. Able to perform subspace jumps.”

The little girl’s words shocked everyone so much. When they entered this fantasy land from Easter Island, they had already communicated with each other and had some speculations about the speculated Fifth Age civilization, but they did not expect this. Everything is so amazing, and what we will face on December 21, 2012 is so terrifying!
What the little girl said was so shocking that everyone present felt indescribably unbelievable. These secrets from ancient times were really unbelievable. But based on what everyone knows now, what the world government had said before The information we have is not even 1/10, and it is probably seriously insufficient. What kind of alien monsters or ghosts are there in the rift space? The real enemy of mankind is “God”!
It’s not like those superpowers in novels and movies who have superhuman strength, or like in Greek mythology or other myths, they are in charge of some supernatural abilities such as lightning, fire, etc., have a body dozens of meters high, can fly, etc. , and then they are respected as living beings called gods. Although those abilities are powerful and strange, they can still be realized with ultra-high technology. Those so-called gods are just powerful “people”, but the “gods” here are It is a “god” that truly transcends human imagination and possesses supreme power!
Or you can call it “Satan”
Because it was so shocking, after the little girl finished speaking, everyone didn’t come back to their senses for a long time, but the little girl didn’t rush them, just pressed the virtual keyboard on her own, and after a while , the center of the entire square was brightly lit, and the entire sky seemed to have turned into a pure white light source. It was bright but not dazzling, and it was countless times better than the effect of incandescent lamps.
/“Alas, the entire evacuation center has been damaged like this. Six percent of the energy is left, the basic facilities are only 11% intact, and all important facilities are basically destroyed. Alas, hundreds of thousands of years have passed. “It’s beyond expectation that it can be maintained to this extent,” the little girl said to herself, her eyes still looking at an electronic screen emerging from the void in front of her, while her hands kept pressing something on the virtual keyboard.
At this time, everyone had also digested the information th