tributes of the Demon King-level bull head and the Demon King-level horse-faced aura field. When the strength advanced to the Demon King level, the aura The field is completely condensed into one body, without any release or leakage, so it can always remain in a “liberated” state.

Now his aura field is somewhat similar to the demon king level aura field. It is also condensed into a round shape, like a bead. However, this round aura field bead can only be placed far away, up to several thousand meters away, but it is It is still unable to condense into his own body, and can only be condensed into a four- to five-meter-sized round bead at most. This is already the limit, but Pei Jiao also knows that when he can condense this four- to five-meter-sized aura field bead into a When he is in one body, it is the time when he breaks through the true demon level and reaches the demon king level!
“However, my aura field is different from other true demons after all. Some are similar to the demon king level aura field, but it is also different, so let’s just call it a half-step true demon. Haha, when will I truly become a demon? He will be a demon king by then!” Pei Jiao burst out laughing in the air, feeling extremely cheerful. The soul army plan that had been weighing on his heart the past few days, and even the end of the world in 2012, seemed to have disappeared. generally.
/In fact, he also knows that this is just a psychological effect, because after the sudden increase in strength, it seems that the previous difficulties no longer exist, but the difficulties that should exist are actually not less at all, and the true demon level strength may be more effective for the current situation. The soul world can be said to be a first-class top powerhouse, but if you put it in the most difficult fantasy land like Fengdu Fantasy Land or Castlevania, I am afraid it is just an intermediate level struggling to survive. If you add the underworld and hell, then I’m afraid he can’t even reach the middle level. He has to be at the Demon King level to have enough say. The key reason why he is so excited is that his tolerant aura field can easily be condensed. In other words, he has to break through to the true level. The magic level is ten times easier than ordinary people!
In a great mood, Pei Jiao no longer continues to comprehend the nature of heaven and earth. Although this will help him deepen his true nature and exercise his tolerant aura, it is now the end of February and he has to rush back to Beijing. After going there, after reorganizing the team, he would probably rush to Easter Island to set up defenses and wait for the arrival of the 17-nation summit. So even if he wanted to comprehend this world of mountains and rivers, he had no time to comprehend anything.
Just as Pei Jiao was flying from the Yangtze River estuary towards Beijing, but two or three days later, a wave of willpower suddenly came from the southwest. This willpower was very clear, even though it was unknown how many thousands of miles away it was. , but Pei