Isn’t this easy?
I can screw you.
What’s the difference between you and someone who insists on working without going to the hospital when you have a broken finger and dares to claim that you’re disabled?
To this end, I read through interviews from that year, and even asked friends to go to the hospital where Xianyu had been to inquire about it, and I contacted many people.
That’s right.
/I just want to question it!
I’m worried that those stories about Xianyu are also spread out like this. I don’t believe the media reports!
But the result made me stupid!
I was really stupid at that time!
Completely stupid!
Please forgive my excitement, let me tell you this:
The ordeal Xianyu went through back then was actually even more exaggerated than what the media reported!
There is no fake news at all, unless Xianyu bribed all the doctors and nurses in all the hospitals he went to, even all the patients who had lived in the same ward with him, and even the families of those patients, etc.
is it possible?
Is the whole world helping him lie?
This is impossible.
When I realized this, I was deeply shocked.
I can’t imagine how a child would grow up under the shadow of death. If I were going through the same thing, my choice would probably be very extreme.
The same time.
I completely understand why Xianyu was able to write a work like “Er Quan Ying Yue”.
He struggled on the verge of death countless times, experienced more than one sudden rescue on the operating table, and could die at any time. Finally, he crawled out of the devil’s cave of despair, like a phoenix rising from the nirvana.
How can there be any doubt that such a genius, after experiencing such darkness, wrote “Er Fountain Reflects the Moon”?
The past he has experienced is more tragic than what everyone has heard, and these experiences have now turned into musical notes, giving him an inexhaustible artistic treasure trove for his already extremely talented people.
They say Xianyu is a genius.
How many people know that Xianyu’s genius was obtained in exchange for it?
Perhaps what supported him along the way in those years was not just his family who silently supported and accompanied him, but also music.
Blue Star has many facts that show:
People with disabilities always seem to be extra focused on something.
For example, one of Blue Star’s greatest scientists, Mr. Huang Jinyun, who has passed away many years ago, was also terminally ill and had many birth defects. However, his status and achievements in the history of science will forever be remembered by countless able-bodied scientists. An unattainable height.
Xianyu is lucky, he got rid of the disease.
However, those past experiences have shaped an unprecedented musical genius!
There were so many musical miracles that happened to him, and they were all based on a medical miracle.
In fact, I am looking forward to Xianyu writing an autobiography so that everyone can better understand his experience. This will also make it easier for everyone to understand his music. For example, his