carriage behind him was full of wounded people.

When leaving Red Pine Town, Hull took away more than 80 wounded people, half of whom were seriously injured, and few of them made it to Kanmei City.
After holding a collective funeral for the poor dead in Camme City, Hull took the remaining people through the Bess Mountains again.
There were three more bandit attacks along the way. Although they were well prepared, six people still died during the attacks, but most of them survived.
Hull has become the true leader of this team. When he was in Cammell City, he came up with the agreement that he had been considering for a long time, an agreement to help each other overcome difficulties together.
/Perhaps it was because Hull’s previous performance was convincing, or perhaps because this agreement seemed quite fair. No matter what the considerations were, everyone finally signed the agreement.
There were a total of sixty-nine people who signed, of which forty-two were wounded, most of whom were only slightly injured, and only four who were seriously injured. There were originally eighteen people in Hull, but those who signed did not include women and children. .
Because of the influence he had established in Red Pine Town, he was inspired, and more than a dozen people followed him, including the doctor. Fortunately, with the help of this doctor, the wounded survived.
While in Red Pine Town, everything went as he expected.
The people in the town didn’t have much entanglement with his request. He just wanted the money of the more than 100 people who went to the town and the ticket money they paid to the car dealership. Other than that, he only wanted The compensation of one hundred marks per person is just a small amount for Red Pine Town.
What Hull really earned was the dozen carriages and horses that pulled them. They picked the best carriages and the best horses and left. The people in the town didn’t say anything. Although the other side said a few words, With Hull’s sufficient reasons and high-sounding words, he could only remain silent.
Hull himself didn’t care about these carriages, but Jarok had already planned that when Raymond arrived, these carriages would just form a carriage shop.
The biggest investment in a driving business is the carriage and the horses that pull the cart. Investments in other aspects are quite limited. However, the driving business is a very profitable industry. This Yi Lei color man is full of longing for the future.
It took another two days to descend from Gruthern Gap. The road was very peaceful, and Hull and his party did not see a single bandit.
The Holy See is basically a country that emphasizes both agriculture and commerce. It is a unique and strange country in the world, and the countryside here is sparsely populated.
Because the Holy See has too much magical power to use, it uses magic and magic to speed up the growth of crops. This has been the case for more than a thousand years, so it is rare to see a farmer in the farmland.
At the foot of the Grusern Gap is a smal